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Monday, May 21, 2018

An afternoon date

 Al and I went on a date to Wichita.  We decided to go to Wasabi and ordered  bento dishes with miso.

We stopped at the bird store too; needing to look at some traps as we are having trouble with a sparrow bothering our purple martins and destroying eggs.  We saw some pretty spectacular purple martin houses!  With spectacular prices too.  We will be in the market next year perhaps.

Going to art museums isn't Al's favorite thing to do, but he said if it meant he got to spend time with me, he would. 

There was a Phil Epp painting in the lobby!
He lives in our hometown and we have his paintings around town.

The Blue Sky Sculpture

                                                        and on our water tower!
I love them!  It shows off the Kansas sky!

Look, Graber Family!  
We are looking forward to seeing some of this this summer!  
Think we will see surf this big?
 The art museum was pretty full as it was the last day for the Monet to Matisse collection.  59 paintings by French modernists.
 The detail on this painting was impressive!

We saw this collection in Tulsa at the art museum there!

The sign says "Bird Form is a kinetic sculpture that can gently move when touched."  But....

The detail in this Bouguereau painting of "The Elder Sister" was remarkable!  The coloring of the skin, the cheeks, the fine lines in the feet.  Wow!  I would love to be able to paint like that!  Maybe in heaven I can learn?

There was only 1 Monet in all the collection.
I had hoped this one.

My mother had a copy of  "Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies."  In 1997, she and her siblings went to Paris, where Uncle Wally and Aunt Wanda lived.  Uncle Wally and Aunt Wanda took the family to Monet's house and the bridge.

Both my husband and I like the realist paintings better than the impressionistic.  Al thinks some of that style looks like it is just slopped on.  I KNOW that it really is probably very difficult to paint impressionistically to make it look real, but he just prefers the realism and I do too.

In fact, a friend of mine from church I was in Bible study with (she has now passed on) has a son-in-law, Ken Raney, that is an amazing artist (and his wife is the famous Christian author, Deb Raney) and we both think his paintings should be put in museums!   You can see more of his work here.  And be sure to Google Deb Raney's fantastic books as well!  She is one of my favorite authors!  They even made a movie of her book, "A Vow to Cherish".

Saturday, May 19, 2018


May is a month when we go to parties to celebrate graduations!

 We filled a syringe with red M&Ms for this soon-to-be nurse!

Congratulations, Hannah! 

Congratulations, James!

Congratulations, Cassidy, and Seth and Hannah too!
Congratulations, Kenton


and the last party was for Garrett.  Congratulations!
 pharmacy ties  - (missed a few of you in the photo)

Back in our day (in the 70's), we were only given a couple of poses to choose from and we had to use a certain photographer chosen by the school.  Thought I'd share Al and my graduation photos.  We were dating at the time and went to get our pictures together.

So graduates, as you all go out into the world, 
             whether it is into employment or onto higher education, 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Birding in May

Last week when I went to our monthly bird walk, I realized that I had made a mistake.  They had changed the bird walk to the 2nd Saturday.  Al had to be at work at 6 this morning so I had him wake me up before he left.  The bird walk this month was going to be early - 6:30.  

I was surprised how many "birders" there were so early in the morning.   One was a young boy, perhaps 8 or so?  His daddy had taught him many things about birds.  He knew how to imitate bird calls.  Sometimes when he would be making a bird call, we would listen, thinking we were hearing the real thing!

The bird of the day was the Mississippi Kite.  We saw many!

Many years ago when Al was biking to work, each day a Mississippi kite guarding her nest would swoop down and bonk him on the head!  He took to wearing a hat.  
The kite nest is huge!  
At first glance you'd think it was a squirrel nest, but it is made of twigs, not leaves.

I love the walk through the woods!

Besides the kite, we heard and saw brown thrashers.  They sing in doublets.  I didn't get a good picture, but here is one I saw in my backyard.  
The Indigo bunting also sings in doublets but the sound is higher.   We just stood there and listened to it sing and sing.  I wish I could have seen it!!  Here is a picture I found online.

We heard more birds than we saw.  The leaves hide many of the birds and with the wind this day, many were hunkered down.

The yellow warbler sings "sweet, sweet, I'm so sweet!"    I didn't see it, so couldn't get a picture, obviously.  But here is what it looks like:

We also saw the red-eyed vireo flying by and listened to it sing.  Again, a picture from online.

  We heard the rattle of the red-bellied woodpecker. 
 It is rare that I don't see it on the trail. 
 I didn't this day but here is a picture of one that was on my deck:

We were at a spot by the river in the woods and the wind was not blowing there.  So many birds were singing in chorus and it was beautiful!!   
     "There's the chickadee!"
     "I hear the great crested flycatcher."
     "Do you hear the thrasher?"

Here is a picture of a great crested flycatcher from my backyard.

We may not always see each bird we hear, but we learn their calls and Greg teaches us characteristics of the birds.  And we tell each other some of the tricks of drawing birds to our backyards.

Back home, I had some birds at my yard.

The male oriole
 and female oriole

They better keep an eye on the kitty!

I was watering our yard and a cardinal thought it was a good place to take a bath
and our neighbors' chickens paid a visit!