Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A trip back in time

Our daughter and her family had just moved to Wisconsin and here we were, not even a month later, taking a trip up to visit them.  We really DO miss them!  But also, Sophia was having a birthday party!

We woke up EARLY....3AM to make the trip.
 We got to see a gorgeous Kansas sunrise!
 I was not too fond of the Kansas City rush hour traffic!  But a stop at Starbucks was great!
I am often mistaken for Betty.
Debby doesn't sound anything like it, does it?

This wide load was playing "Parcheesi" double block on the road in Dubuque. 

We stopped in Madison to see Pastor and Mrs. Yanada.
It was right on the way!
I haven't seen them since I was 16!  Takako-san remembered Allen.
They visited us in Pretty Prairie when we were teenagers!

When my parents went to Japan, they began to tell the people there about Christ.  They would do street evangelism and also another way was by having English classes where they also taught the Bible.
Yanada-san is sitting beside my dad.

They had Japanese church services.
Yanada-san is 4th back center aisle.
 Yanada-san is 3rd back on the right.
 Yanada-san accepted Christ as his Saviour as a teen, age 17!


This looks like him, perhaps doing translation for my father, telling the Japanese people about Jesus Christ.  Dad became excellent in the language, but these were his first years in Japan.

 He married Takako-san 

They had 2 girls, Naomi and Megumi 

Yanada-san became a pastor along with several others.
He even pastored our church in Aburatsu!

He continues to pastor a small Japanese congregation in Madison.  What a sweet fellowship we had along with some Japanese green tea and Japanese treats!  No doubt, we will visit again, as we will continue our drive up to see our kids in Wisconsin!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Purple Martins are on the move

The purple martin fledglings were learning to fly just in time.  We read in the paper that this year they were congregating by Via Christi Hospital in Wichita.  We decided to go! 

There were quite a few people this year.
A couple of years ago when we went, the birds congregated in Old Town and there was only one other couple with us.

We craned our necks to watch for them to fly in.
Around 8:15 we spotted just a few...
then a few more....

and MORE!

They estimated that there were about 50,000 purple martins!!

They circled around and around.
They'd come a little lower, and then fly up high again.

There was a hawk flying about which explained the reluctance to land in the trees.

And then all of a sudden with a whoosh, they swooped into the trees.
They came from behind and above and all around.
Right past our ears!

What noise!!  Lots of birds crying out and the whirr of the wings.

Obviously I didn't have the right camera setting for such fast action!!

Then the crowd gasped and yelled as we saw 2 hawks fly right into the trees.

No one saw the hawks leave with a bird in their claws, however.
Good job, purple martins, to escape your arch enemy!

* * *

So now at home, our purple martin home is quiet.
There is an occasional starling who wants to check it out.

Each day our family comes back for just a time.
We have heard that the majority of the birds have taken flight to Brazil.

But some with fledglings that have just learned to fly are waiting a little while longer.

Grow strong, little ones!  Over 4,600 miles to fly!!
Isn't it amazing that our Creator made birds to migrate like this?!

Our neighbors are moving and will take their house with them.
We may need to put up another house, 
or encourage new neighbors to join in the hobby!