Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

'Twas the Dream Before Christmas

Josh and Staci's house was all decorated for Christmas.    

I like this idea!  But as more and more people just post a picture on Facebook, Staci says the tree gets more sparse each year.

 Milk and cookies served nightly?!  I'm afraid it's a lie.  But it's cute!

Emeri was getting her hair done for the Christmas musical.

And Elijah was so very ready to take Papa on!

After dinner, we went to the play.
Emeri and Staci had gone earlier.  Staci helped backstage.

'Twas the Dream Before Christmas

The children in the family in this play were so selfish and just thinking only about themselves and what they were getting.  Their father is ready to cancel Christmas!  He's so fed up with their attitude.  They fall asleep in the living room and then they have this dream about the real meaning of Christmas. 


Emeri was a pirate. 

When I was in grade school, we did the play of "Mutiny on the Bounty" and I was a pirate too!  My brother Doug was Long John Silver.  Definitely not a major production like Emeri's play.  We only had around 15 kids in our one-room school house.  Emeri took classes for this production as an elective at school!

My favorite part was where the children are asked if they can even recall what was on their Christmas list from last year.   Hmmm.  Do you?

  And here are gifts that last forever.  It was sung to the 12 days of Christmas tune.

1. New life abundant and free
2. Joy in my heart
3. Peace in my soul
4. Love for the world
5. God's Holy Word
6. Hope for tomorrow
7. All my sins forgiven
8. Gold streets in heaven
9. New songs for singing
10. Grave that's amazing!
11. Life filled with praying!
12. Life everlasting!

Yes, the gift of Christ is the BEST thing ever!  But one must receive this gift.  If someone gave you a gift but you didn't accept it, it isn't yours.  

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have eternal life."  John 3:16

The robot costumes were amazing!

The next morning we went to church and sang about the birth of our Saviour.

Because we were celebrating Staci's birthday, we let her pick where to go out to eat.  Olive Garden!  We ate sooooo much and were stuffed!

 Off to pick out Christmas ornaments for this year.

 And all too soon it was time for us to leave for home in Kansas.

 Silly waves!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Our journey and hawks

 We went on a quick over-night trip to Arkansas this past weekend.  It was a cloudless day.

 Love driving through the Flint Hills!

 As we drove into southeastern Kansas, we began to notice so many hawks!  They are grand to watch! 

 Al pulled over so I could get a close-up of this one.

Some were soaring, others hovering.
Some were diving after prey.
Others were sitting on posts, in trees or on lines, hunting for food.

We didn't count but easily we think we saw around 80 hawks!  
Red-tailed, cooper, broad-winged, and sharp-shinned hawks.  

 We saw several as road kill.   (I didn't take pictures.  Didn't think that would be appropriate.) 
One almost flew into us!

This one is blurry, darn.  Funny though.

"Red-tailed hawks are monogamous and may mate for life. They make stick nests high above the ground, in which the female lays one to five eggs each year. Both sexes incubate the eggs for four to five weeks, and feed the young from the time they hatch until they leave the nest about six weeks later."

Hawks are accipiters. They have short, rounded wings and a long tail and feed chiefly on small mammals and birds.  We have had them come land on our deck post and even on our bird feeder.  The little birds fly into the bushes and make such a ruckus!  

It made our trip to Arkansas fly by.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Getting ready for Christmas in Wisconsin!

The day after Thanksgiving, the girls were ready to decorate for Christmas!

How do I look in the tree skirt?

Jill was excited to be able to place the tree in the front window.  
Their house in Kansas didn't have a front window.

And the girls have this other tree in the family room for their own ornaments.

We enjoyed listening to the family practice the special number they will do for Christmas Eve.  Adam didn't have his guitar for this particular practice, but it was just so pretty!

Adam and Jill went out on a date later that night and we took the girls shopping for this year's ornaments.  First we stopped here.
Claire found just the one on the Pink Princess tree.

An upside down tree

 We went to a couple of other stores to find ornaments for the older girls.

 Then we went to Culver's!

 And because Claire can't have dairy, we brought her own ice-cream.

Then we drove around town looking at lights. 
 This year's ornaments.

We gave our children ornaments every year.  When they got married, I wrapped up their ornaments and gave them at their wedding shower.

The next morning it was time for us to head out for Kansas.  Adam and Hannah had left for church early so we did silly waves with these 3.  So sad leaving them.

 Good-bye Wisconsin!

This day for some reason, we saw MANY people our age on the road.
Baby boomer - will travel!

The sky was so pretty this day!

We've never seen the road so busy between Des Moines and Emporia!
It usually has very little traffic.  But not this day!
It was bumper to bumper and they were driving FAST and FURIOUS!

  We didn't take the longer scenic route - 
just went along with the traffic the fastest way possible.

When we got to KC, we drove by a Costco that had police everywhere and crime scene tape too. This isn't my photo but it is just what I saw.  Googled it - a man came into the store brandishing a rifle.  An off-duty policeman happened to be shopping and killed the guy.

The Kansas sky was so beautiful as we were on the last leg of the journey.