Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Adventure to Arkansas; leaving Kansas

Allen and I decided to go visit the kids in Arkansas.  At first we were thinking of leaving Thursday, but when we heard that Sophia was having a program at her school, we knew we needed to wait until Friday!

It was a GREAT program of the 1st and 2nd grade class!

Before we took off for Arkansas, Al said he thought we ought to try out a different route.  On roads we had never traveled before.  We love to see new country!

The first part of the journey we took the regular route we take to Arkansas.

If you don't know, you better watch your speed at Leon!

 The police hide in the trees by the cemetery and are quick to stop speeders!

50 mph through this stretch until after the bridge

 The windmills by Beaumont

 I would love to know the story of this pioneer!
 Here's where we went off the normal route.  We turned south at 99 just before Severy.

 Another pioneer story waiting to be heard.

 I love Flint Hill country!
 We drove through Howard.  We weren't quite hungry yet, but we could have eaten here.
 Some interesting artwork

We saw lots of hawks looking for prey; 
                                           swooping through the air;
              on fenceposts and on telephone wires.

 There is a beauty in all this open prairie


We decided to try out Buck's BBQ that we saw as we entered town.

It was past lunchtime and several customers left as we came in.  
But others came after I shot this picture.
The empty tables weren't an indication that no one liked to eat there.

Pulled pork sandwiches.  Very good!

 Unique decor for sure.


We could have eaten here on the edge of town, but we enjoyed the BBQ

an interesting location....Sonic by a cemetery.

too be continued....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am so blessed to have friends.

There is my friend I walk with regularly.  So I see her quite a bit.
There are my peers I do Bible study with each week and the young moms who have become dear friends too as we dig into God's Word and learn about being moms.  
And several others.  And I have to say I enjoy Facebook friends too!  

And then there are friends I don't see too often.  I see Kaori each week, but Chiyoko and Ayako not much.   We had hoped for a couple more Japanese friends to come but it didn't work out this time.
Ayako is from Hokkaido, the northern most island in Japan and brought some sekihan (red bean rice). The region she is from makes it quite a bit sweeter than Kyushu, where I came from.  It was delicious!!  She brought some other goodies too and it was so sweet of her!

So adorable!!!

* * * * *

There are friends that you don't get together weekly, maybe not even monthly, but when you do get together, you just take off from where you've been.  Kindred spirits!  Jennifer and I enjoyed coffee (we always enjoy coffee together!) at Mojos a couple of weeks ago.  

Then last night we went went to Hesston College to see the Minguet quartet. We love going to these string concerts!  It was an amazing concert!  What an honor to have such a group come to little bitty Hesston in the middle of Kansas!!

This quartet was joined by Andreas Klein, a German pianist.  I have NEVER seen fingers fly so fast across the keyboard!  What an uplifting time with an "old" friend!

Jenn used to be in Bible study with me for several years but life has made a turn for her to where it just didn't work the last couple of years.  So we try to get together when we can and going to a stringed concert is just the ticket!  And coffee afterwards, of course!

I met another dear friend in Wichita last week.  We met in college days.  We were married a day apart and we couples both lived at Stouffer Place, the married student housing at KU.   We did lots of fun things together at KU and then after college we both lived in Wichita for a time and had our first babies there.  Now they live in Derby and we live north of Wichita so we have to plan our get-togethers.  

We met at the Old Mill Tasty Shop last week.  It has been opened since 1932! 
There have been changes over the years.  You can read about it here.

Becky and I talked on and on and on.  Over 2 hours at the restaurant and then we went down the street to the Nifty Nut House.  Such a fun store!
On Saturday we had a surprise birthday party with friends we don't get together with nearly as much as we'd like.  It was fun to all get together to celebrate Don's 60th!  

We are making some new friends!  We had several people join our small group, or Community Life Group, as we call them at our church.  Excited to get to know these new people!

If you are lonely, reach out.  Join a small group.  Meet a neighbor.  Join an exercize group.  Smile a lot.  Laugh.  Have fun!

I was reminded in my devotions this morning that Jesus enjoyed being with friends.  He enjoyed a good party!  Max Lucado writes: "It's been awhile since I pegged Jesus as a party-lover.  But He was.  His foes accused him of eating too much, drinking too much, and hanging out with the wrong people!  (See Matt. 11:19)   Jesus took time for a party ....shouldn't we?"

Friday, January 29, 2016

Flubber fail

The girls had off school one Monday.
We met at Walmart.

 Jill had some shopping to do then had piano lessons to give.

The girls and I did some shopping.

"How do you do, Darth?"

 I let the girls pick out a toy or craft.  That's what Nana's like to do!

Then we went to Arby's for lunch! 
 When we got home, we had craft time.  

Have you ever seen those epic Pinterest fails?  They make me laugh so hard!!  Google "Pinterest fails" and look at those pictures!

I had purchased pretty glitter glue in 3 different colors. 
I wanted to make flubber.

It was supposed to turn out like this

but it was more like this.

So we tried another recipe with plain white glue.
It turned out ok.

The girls had fun with it at any rate.

Claire just enjoyed washing all the dishes.  She wasn't so crazy about it all.  It did leave a pretty big mess and I had a heck of a time getting the glue substance off my countertops.

Do you have a favorite flubber/gorp recipe?