Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dragging Main

When we were in highschool, we used to drag Main a lot.   Here is the car we used to drag in!  (this is a picture of us going to prom)

Especially on a Friday night following a football game.  Unless the team lost.  Then Al wasn't in the mood.  Ha!   Al is #33 on the front row.

The city we live in now has a Newton Covid19 Cruising group.  If you have Facebook, you can watch a dron video of it.

I wanted to go be a part of it, to give Kaho, our Japanese college student, the experience of dragging Main before she returns to Japan.  Allen was reluctant to drive our regular vehicle or truck, although many do drive their family vehicle.  He wanted to drive our '54 Chevy.  We stored it at the farm this past year so that Kaho could park in the garage over the winter.  So off we went to Pretty Prairie.

Detour -

We made a little detour and now this is going to be little detour in the story about dragging Main.  I wanted to see where Marion Unruh used to live.  I had read about Marion in a book written by a relative, Jim Goering.  Jim and Marion were neighbors and friends.

 Marion had a runway behind the house in his field for his plane.

1st crash -
As a young boy, he saw an airplane and decided that one day he would fly.  In 1933, at the age of 23, he survived the crash of a small airplane that took his brother's life.  In 1935, he built his first home made aircraft, a bi-plane.  He joined the U.S. Army Air Corps. (A surprise since Pretty Prairie is a Mennonite community and Unruh is a Mennonite name.  My grandmother was an Unruh.)

2nd crash -
During the Pacific war, he piloted a B-17 that was hit by anti-aircraft fire, causing a runaway engine.  He was forced to ditch off the Russell Islands.  Later, he flew a personal aircraft B-24D that he nicknamed "Pretty Prairie Special" after his hometown.

3rd crash -
In December 1943, it was intercepted by enemy fighters.  After successfully bombing Rabaul, this plane was seen by local people with smoke coming out of the engine.  He and his crew bailed out and the bomber crashed into the hillside of the southeastern coast of New Ireland.  Several of the crew who parachuted out landed in the sea and were picked up by locals in outrigger canoes who had paddled out to help them.  Japanese forces ambushed them in the huts they were hiding in.  Marion was able to escape and hid in the jungle but was eventually captured and held as a POW.

4th and final crash -
He retired in Pretty Prairie,  and finished building the bi-plane he had begun in 1937.  He nicknamed this the Pretty Prairie Special II.  In 1968,  he was taking off from this home in the country and the plane dive bombed into the field across from the house and he was killed.  He had survived 3 plane crashes in the war but was killed in this one.  They weren't sure about the reason for the crash.

 Al grew up just a few miles away.  In Junior High he often drove the "Fergie" (tractor) to this very field that his dad rented to cultivate it.  He remembers seeing Marion Unruh flying around, tipping his wings to him.  He did not see the crash though.

I don't recall ever being on this road and saw our old church from a different angle.  This is the church we were married in.

We got to the farm and Sid and Gayle took a break from chores to visit with us.

A couple of planes were flying overhead.

After a couple of hours, it was time to head back to Newton for the "dragging Main" event.

I followed behind.  Close to Burrton, part of the front tire began to peel!  These tires are old and are beginning to crumble!   After checking it out, Al thought he could make it to Burrton.  We limped to the gas station there.
  Al put on the spare.

 While he did that, I filled the car up with gas, using my Dillon's card.  Wow!  When has it been this cheap?

We got back home and some friends came to join us in cruising Main!


A stop at Sonic is a must!

Old cars, muscle cars, regular cars, decorated cars, home-made jobbers.

We hope we can join once again this coming Saturday!  We do need to order new tires though.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Caged in"

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."  Proverbs 19:21

We have had a strange month and a half, haven't we?  Back in the middle of March, our daughter, Mindy sent a picture from San Francisco.  Their mayor had issued a stay-at-home order.  You could go to the grocery store, but shelves were empty in many cases.

She could find NO sanitizer.  I happened to have an extra bottle so I told her I would send some to her.  I also sent her some masks.   Thanks, friend Teri, for these!

Soon after California went into stay-at-home mode, most of the rest of the States followed.  It seemed like the world came to a stop.  We were especially shocked when March Madness was cancelled!  Which means Hannah gets to keep the family trophy one more year!

I made myself a mask.

I also did some other sewing.....don't you just love these birdie pins?

Church services went on-line.   We found ourselves on Sunday mornings watching our church, and our kids' churches as well.  Loved it!!

Jan, who leads the older women's Bible study I am in, figured out how to do a Zoom study.  I am not savvy enough to know how to do it myself, so the one I led just finished for the year.  Plus it would be terribly hard to do a Zoom study with lots of preschoolers running about!  It would have been interesting though!

 Our community life group went on-line.

 Our son's small group has a wonderful place to meet together, keeping at a distance.  Josh has a fire pit area that is the perfect spot!

Our Wednesday evening Awana Clubs no longer met at church and I was asked if I could record the Cubbies stories at home and put it on the Awana Cubbies site at church.  It usually takes 3-4 tries before I can get one taping that works without too many flubs!  

What fun it has been for me to receive pictures from the parents showing their children watching along and also saying their Bible verses!

Jill told us that they went through all their puzzles so I went to the post office and mailed them a couple of ones I had.  The Post Office had put up some clear shower curtains for a barrier.

I worked on a couple of puzzles myself. Have you been doing puzzles?

I've been baking.....and unfortunately, eating too!!


Does he look a tad bored?   

In case you are wondering what the thing is that is strung across the window on the left, it is a sparkly ribbon we put there to keep the cardinal from pecking at his reflection in the window!  It has worked!

Our granddaughter got sick, running 106 temperature!   A Covid test came back negative but she did have Influenza A.

We are so grateful that she is better now!
 She is doing lots of pretending in her spare time.
(can you guess who she is pretending to be?)

She dressed up Kobi too!

She lost her 2 front teeth during this time.  We asked her if the tooth fairy brought her $5!  (The "tooth fairy" didn't appreciate us saying this.)  She has also enjoyed doing lots of crafts!  My "Kansas" born girl doing origami.  I found lots of origami paper from Japan in my desk so I sent some to the grandkids. 

Eli also made some origami.

Jill's family drove around to see friends and families, talking with them from the car.  (you know, the social distancing thing)

 Hannah offered to volunteer at church, answering the phone.  She did her school work when phones weren't ringing.

Grandson, Eli, has been having fun with his best friend, who is also his neighbor.   They can still play and keep their distance.

Emeri and Eli were having to "hug" as a discipline for not getting along.  Brother/sisterly love!  I know lots of families are struggling to always be kind and nice to one another.  Nerves are getting frayed perhaps.  When our kids were little we used to make them sit on the sofa and hold hands/hug when they weren't getting along. They couldn't get off the sofa until they had "made up."  And actually, they usually ended up laughing after awhile. 

I thought I'd capture some pictures of town during this Covid19 time.  Since it is history, after all.



 I have never seen the Bread Basket's parking lot so empty (except on Sundays).

 I am finding pleasure in the simple things.

Allen is often saying "This too shall pass" so I found this sign quite funny!

We have spent much time reading books, and especially the Bible, especially these days since we don't have to run to this activity or that. 

Allen continues his job at the hospital.  But what was thought might be so many hours caring for Covid patients has not happened.  They thought perhaps they might get 1000 cases, but in fact only less than a handful.  In fact, the hospital has seen less patients since many surgeries have been cancelled.  They have had to cut hours and pay.  I am glad that the prediction of the pandemic has not happened here.

We neen't be afraid.  God's promise to those who follow Him is "I will never leave you nor forsake you."  (Hebrews 13:5, but many other places in the Scriptures too.)  He is always present and I can talk to Him all day!  And in the night when I wake!   We will try to be sensible and keep from getting this virus, but even if we did succumb, perhaps die from it, I KNOW that Christ has conquered death.  "Death is swallowed up in victory." 1 Corinthians 15:54  Our last breath on earth, our first in heaven.  I have to recommend a great book on heaven.  It is NOT a boring place!!!  

And this coming week we are anticipating that Governor Kelly, governor from Kansas, will open the state from the stay-at-home order!  It will be in phases, most likely, but we are no longer having to be shut in!