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Monday, November 6, 2017

Leaf lizards and hay monsters

For Eli's "friend party", we had a cook-out and hay ride!
There were hot dogs and chili (in a bowl or as chili-dogs), chips, and veggies too.  Eli didn't want to have veggies but he was over-ruled!

 Also cider, lemonade and hot-chocolate!  And of course, marshmallows!

 After gifts were opened, we climbed aboard the hay rack for a ride.  We had extra blankets for this chilly night.

While it grew darker Dan drove us through hillbilly country where some unsavory characters surely live, with pit bulls and other scary dogs chasing us.  We were told stories of a fellow named Farmer McCracken, and leaf lizards, hay monsters and land sharks.  I'm certain there were a few children who had nightmares this night!

 After everyone left and the grandchildren were put to bed, Dan and Lisa and Al and I sat around the fire for some time....

...keeping our eyes open for monsters!

Emeri turns 10

Papa helping Emeri with her homework.

Emeri was leaving the single digit days behind.  She turned

Her mom had written her a letter, as she has each year.  

Brother gave her a box within a box...  

He knew just what she wanted!

Gift from us

She has been planning to paint her room blue and we bought the chair to match

Next we went next door to Grami and Bebop's for the gift from them and her parents.  First, a little treasure hunt.

Some clues were easier to find than others.

Oh boy, oh boy!

Happy birthday, Emeri!

 We had a wonderful time in Arkansas, celebrating birthdays with the grandchildren.  Time to go home!
Silly waves!
 We made a stop on the way home to see Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty (my Dad's youngest sister and only remaining aunt on my Dad's side of the family).  They live in the boonies!
So good to see them!!

Betty is the little girl.

In their younger years

Family is so dear.  This past month, we made it to Wisconsin, Colorado and Arkansas to visit each kid and their family.  So grateful that we are able to do this!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


 My grandson is a little nuts about Legos.
                           He just LOVES them!  And he also loves Star Wars.

On his birthday, we went to the store to get some balloons.

Eli wanted some white ones so that his daddy would make Star Wars storm troopers.

                                                                                                           Emeri helped.

While we were at the store, we had purchased a couple of pumpkins.

 Joby was watching and wishing he could be inside to help.

(The kids have several mice kept in the grandparents' basement.)

Have you heard the Pumpkin Prayer?
I found it on Pinterest.

cut open the top:
Lord, open my mind and fill me with Your wisdom

scoop out the inside:
Lord, take out all my sin and fill me with Your love

carve the eyes:
Lord, open my eyes to see Your glory

carve the nose:
Lord, let my life be a sweet aroma to You

carve the mouth:
Lord, help me to speak Your words
of truth and love

place candle inside:
Lord, fill me with Your light to shine
for all to see.

Eli, since he was the birthday boy, chose the restaurant.
He wanted to go to Tacos4Life, one of my favorites too! 
 Tacos4Life will donate the funds necessary to Feed My Starving Children to purchase one meal for every meal sold in the restaurant.
After our meal, we went home to open presents!

A fun card that made sounds of swords flashing!

I printed off this charaacter and put him on the package (instead of a girly bow)

 Like I said, he likes Star Wars! 

A gift for both kids (Emeri's birthday is 2 days later).
They got the "Gilligan's Island" series from a sweet, elderly friend.

After gifts were opened at home, we went next door to Grami and Bebop's home for a treasure hunt!

After following cleverly placed clues  all around the house, Elijah found his "treasure"!

 Allen loves to read to the children.  They picked out "Oliver Twist" and Al read that over the weekend.

 "Can you read it to me in my room so I can work on my Lego set?"

Lego-boy finished this in one day!