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Saturday, December 4, 2010

This morning, Mom and I decided to go to the Holiday Home Tour in Hesston.

Our first stop was at Jeff and Marcy Thiesen’s English Tudor-style home. The staircase that rises two stories in front of a limestone stair tower wall give it a medieval feel. Like a castle!

"Santa" was playing Christmas music. First time I had actually seen a player grand piano! My grandparents had an upright player piano. I wonder whatever happened to it?

24-foot vaulted beamed ceiling.

Ran into Sarah, Matt Friesens and several others we knew.

The library.

The ceiling of the library was from a mosque in India. So beautiful!

Guest room for the grandchildren.

Such a magnificent home! We were saddened to hear the story about the family. Their one son was killed in a 4-wheeler accident, leaving a pregnant wife. She delivered twin girls. The cribs are for them, when they come.
Next we toured the house across the street, a Southern plantation-style home. I didn't get any more pictures. Somehow got caught up in it all.
The last home we toured was the home of the Stahly's, who used to live in our neighborhood. They have a beautiful view as their home is on an inlet surrounded by water. After they both lost their spouses, they renewed their friendship and began a new life together. They have a combined family of 19! One of the Christmas trees they have has an ornament to represent each person in the family.
It was such a fun morning seeing how others decorate for the holidays and to also help out the Hesston Women's Civic Club.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Carriage ride

Bradley Fair is beautiful during the Christmas season.
There are free carriage rides each Friday and Saturday 6-9.

What a fun evening!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When the girls came over today, we popped some pop corn for snack time. Yum. What a treat!

We got out our Miss Food Face and Mr. Food Face plates.

Aren't they a hoot? I ordered them a couple months ago from , but last week I saw them downtown at the Kitchen Corner.

They are so fun for kids to make all kinds of faces with their food on the plates.

We took some of the leftover popcorn and added nuts, sunflower seeds, thistle, peanut butter and mashed it all together. Then we took an orange and cut it in half and scooped out the insides (we put that on Mr. Food as a moustache before eating it).

We made 3 holes in each orange half and put a pipe cleaner through the hole. You can use jute, thread or ribbon too. The pipe cleaner was what I had handy and it was easy for both girls to slip through the hole.

Twist at the top, add a ribbon if you want.

Sophia put hers on the maple tree in the front.

Hannah hung hers on the birch in the back yard.

Now we wait for the birds to come and enjoy their treat!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Graber family Thanksgiving

Today is the first day of Advent. Seems so early! I have not decorated for Christmas yet and didn't have my yule log out with my advent candles.

After all, the Graber family Thanksgiving was today and I still had to have my fall decorations out. I didn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations.

Grabers always have LOTS of desserts!

After filling our bellies and good conversation, time to play Apples to Apples.

Tomorrow Sophia will come and help me put away all my fall things and we will begin to set out the Christmas decorations while we listen to Christmas music!
I'm not in the Christmasy mood yet. Maybe if it would snow.