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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


What a good time we had with our Arkansas grandchildren!

We played games

made bracelets

played outside


ate on the deck
 took a trip to Wallyworld

went to Drubers, the best donut shop!

I told the kids that I used to come here with their daddy when he was a little boy

we went to the skatepark

and spent time with their cousins

 It wasn't long and the week was up and time for them to go back to Arkansas.  It was such a good thing that we had them this particular week.  Really a God thing that it happened this way!

Their parents were sick at home; Josh had a 104.5 temp and was diagnosed with a tick borne illness and pneumonia and Staci had a terrible cold -
 "enjoying" a Tussionex toast.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The waterpark

We decided that we would go to the Salina waterpark while the grandchildren were here.  It is an hour away and Eli fell asleep on the way.

As we pulled up to a stoplight, who should pull alongside us but the other grandkids!  It was adorable to hear the laughter from them.  Claire was especially excited!

 The Salina waterpark was pretty cool!!  And inexpensive!

 Jill and Claire against Eli!
 Eli was just a couple inches too short for some of the rides.  It was a little bummer for him.  He is an excellent swimmer so it's too bad they can't just trust a parent's word on that.  Maybe next year.  (see Al and the grandkids in the lazy river in the background?)
We crossed the bridge from the kiddy area to the other side and I said,
"Claire, listen to the music!"

"Let's dance!"
she said.  
 and you should see her dance moves.  Oh. my. goodness!!!  I wish I would have videotaped it!

The lazy river was my favorite!!
A nice strong current and they didn't care if you walked it or were in the tube or out of it.  
Someone told me they don't let you swim it though.
Emeri inside the tube.
Sophia coming down.

Jill and Hannah.
 I liked the slow one where you just sit all the way into the pool.  That was fun for this old lady.

I recommend this place!  Wish our town had one!

And you just gotta end the fun at Braums for ice-cream!