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Friday, June 2, 2017

Cousins' Week: Day 3; the zoo - continued

We continued on to the rain forest.

So many unusual birds!

As we left the rain forest, we noticed that the lion was on the loose!

 Look who we bumped into!  Not at all surprising since the Friesens go weekly!

the "twins" - born about a week apart

We got to the eagle at feeding time.  Can I just say "GROSS?!!!!"  I won't enlarge this photo.  It is just yuk!

Hi again!!

Isn't this one interesting?

We had such a good time and of course, we hit the gift shop on the way out!

Cousins' Week: Day 3; the zoo

It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo!  Kansas is often windy, but this day the breeze was nice and gentle.  It was a little cool too, and we started out with jackets.  Jill spent the day at home, doing some packing for their move.

But before heading to the zoo, we needed to stop for lunch!  It looks like breakfast - but pancakes were what the kids wanted for their lunch!

After playing "Marco Polo" at the indoor playground, it was time to continue the trip to the zoo!

I brought along enough change so the children would be able to feed the fish and ducks along the way.  We had never fed them at the entrance before.

We decided to go to the children's petting area first.  Last time we all came together, we skipped it.  But this time, everyone agreed we needed to go.

Claire showing that she doesn't have any food for them.

"Now I do!"

 The goats wanted to eat the kids' clothes.  One goat was nibbling on Claire's skirt.  She caught me by surprise by slipping off her skirt and throwing it to me!

As we left the goats, Claire put her skirt back on.  There are some gardens in the children's area and we were just going to skip them but Claire really wanted to go!  She wanted to see what was in there.
She saw another little girl balancing on a log, so she wanted to try too.

The older kids found a good climbing tree!

Out on a limb!

We'd spent over an hour in this section.  So much more to see!

But first, we have to feed more fish!

To be continued....