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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin patch field trip

This past week Sophia asked if I could go on a field trip with her.  I was delighted!

The bus driver gave a few safety rules before we left.

 We drove way out in the boonies!

So many to choose from - how could they just pick one??

The kids thought this one looked like corn on the cob.


After everyone picked out their favorite pumpkin, it was time to return to the bus.

The pumpkin patch belongs to these people; the house is a little ways from the field.  We stopped by to pick up a giant pumpkin for the school.

 giant pumpkins In Pursuit of the Great Backyard Pumpkin
NO, not really these.  I found this picture on-line.  

Could you imagine sailing in a pumpkin?  
Now, that is large!

I didn't get a picture of the one for the school, but it was pretty big. 
 But not THAT big!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perfect day for the park

This past spring was one of the best we've had in many years.

And this fall is turning into my favorite fall in a long time too!  Such nice temperatures - perfect for playing at the park!

Hannah got pretty close to this squirrel before he scampered away!


This was Sophia's first time down the pole. 

Pretending to be a doggie

And of course, after an hour at the park, one must get refreshed at Sonic!!

They love sitting in the front seat while they eat their Sonic blasts.

They've been enjoying my new phone.  Can you call it a phone?  Isn't it huge?  Kind of like a mini-tablet.  But I really do like the size.  Easier for me to read.  They like this new game called Celebrity Baby Care.  I have downloaded a lot of games for the kids, even Claire.  They think this Nana is hip!  Ha!  My Arkansas grandbabies haven't seen it yet.  Can't wait to show them!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Part 2 of the Great Pumpkin Race

While her daddy was doing his race, Hannah got registered. 
This was her very first race.

On your mark....get set....
 Some children were overly anxious to start the race and jumped the gun and had to be called back.


 It was a 1/2 mile race.  Up the street and back.  Her teacher was coming back from her 5K run.
 Go, Hannah, Go!

Her daddy welcomes her over the finish line.

Duck Dynasty family

Great Race, Hannah and Adam!

Hannah and her school teacher

After the race, there were refreshments at the First Mennonite church.


Hannah was awarded 3rd prize in her age division!  So proud of her!