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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Claire's Quiet Book

When I asked Jill for ideas for Claire for Christmas, she suggested a quiet book.

I had made a couple of them years ago, even before I had kids.  For friends.

I was excited to do one for one of my grandkids!  

I looked on-line for ideas.  Just typed in "Quiet Book" images and there were lots that popped up! I began to make page after page.

The cover:
front cover

back cover

For the inside of the cover, I decided to use some fabric I had left over from a quilt I had made.  Mom had gotten this fabric for me from Japan.

 fishie crackers for inside the belly of the whale

 Claire LOVES the song "The Wheels of the Bus" so I just HAD to have a page with a bus and the baby that goes "Wa-wa-wa"!
 She can velcro the diaper, remove her pacifier and her "ba-ba" (blankie)


 Papa made a list for the farmer's chores for the day.

 finger puppet animals
 I used real collars from the store for Claire to buckle together.

 The flowers can be snapped off and exchange places.

I had to really think through how the pages would be arranged and sewn together. 
It's a pretty big book, but Claire does love it and that was the objective!

Even Adam enjoys it!

* * * * * *

When I wrote a blog about making my card table play house,  (I made two)  I got a comment from someone who thought I should not have stolen their ideas. - even though I was only making it for my grandchildren.  I was not profiting from anyone.  I took ideas from here and there from images posted on-line.  I think many people get ideas from others.  Afterall, isn't that the point of Pinterest?  So I am sorry if someone gets upset.

I had so much fun making this book, but I won't be making any more probably.  Making it once was enough with my arthiritis.  I appreciated all the ideas that prodded my mind and many of the ideas were ones that I thought of after looking at other's books.  I hope no one gets bent out of shape about it.   I certainly won't mind if people copy from me!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas on Ground Hog Day

Evidently, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning,
which means we will have six more weeks of winter.

So, I guess it isn't too late to finally post about our Christmas is it?   
                                                  since it is so cold?!
Santa always sneaks in somehow, usually when Papa is "in the bathroom", so he always misses out! Santa handed out all the stockings to everyone. Stockings are always filled with chocolate Santas (except for Mindy who doesn't like chocolate - so there is always some other kind of Santa for her), socks and many other goodies.

Mary Ellen's book, "Twitty's Own Song" for all

The walkie talkies were a huge hit and were played with all throughout the days at our house.

Because of Mom's illness and death, I was not able to complete Claire's Christmas gift.  I had been working on a quiet book for her.  Jill thought that would be something she would like.  I will post about that next.  I found the doll that Claire always played with at Grandma Lois' house.  Perfect solution!


The children opened all their gifts and then the adults began on theirs.

The week between Mom's funeral and our Christmas celebration, Allen and I had begun cleaning out Mom's duplex.  In Dad's drawers were these 3 t-shirts from Japan.  Dad doesn't wear them anymore, but Mom had not given them away yet.  Perfect funny gifts for the guys!

This cutting board was one that my dad made in highschool shop.  He got in trouble for it because Dad put little boy parts on it (hidden under Josh's hand).

I almost broke into tears when I opened this gift!

Jesus' birthday cake
(compliments of my friend, Mary Ellen)

Happy Birthday, Jesus!! 

God conceived the most daring of plans.  Under cover of the night, He stole into the enemy's camp incognito, the Ancient of Days disguised as a newborn.  The Incarnation, as Phil Yancey reminds us, was a daring raid into enemy territory.  The whole world lay under the power of the evil one and we were held in the dungeons of darkness.  God risked it all to rescue us...  
 "The Sacred Romance" by Curtis/Eldredge