Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mom's Valentine

On Wednesday, Mom was not doing well at all.  She slept most of the day.
I played soft hymns for her and at one point, she tried to sing along.
Mostly she was very weak and when she was awake, very confused. And glum.

It got very tiring and emotionally draining as I sat by her bedside.

I decided to walk the halls.

These verses in the hallways were such a comfort to me.

I had to laugh at the things she was saying.
"It's been raining all day." (it wasn't)
"I better take this off" tugging at her tubing
"Are you playing golf, Doug?"  as she was talking with my brother Dan.  Doug died several years ago and Dave is the brother that plays golf.
She turned to the empty chair by her bed.  "Pete, what are you going to order for dinner?"
It helped to relieve the strain to laugh instead of cry.

                                      * * * * *

On Thursday, my girls came with me to visit mom.  She was so much better!!

Still some confusion, but she was smiling and in a good mood!

 I found this photo so funny.  We were always using our cell phones, checking facebook, posting messages, answering calls, taking pictures.... you know, what we all do with these phones these days.  Everyone was using them, not just us.

At the end of the afternoon, we got news that they were transferring her to a post-op surgical floor!  Mom is not able to walk yet.  No strength for that, but she is no longer in critical condition!
 Mindy helped Mom order her supper.  The nurse said she would help feed her.

Then we said our good-byes and went out for dinner.
 Girls will be girls.  Blowing straws at each other is a tradition in this household.

Today was Valentine's Day and since Al had the day off, we were able to bring Mom her very special Valentine!!

How they have loved one another for many years.  The picture below is from their honeymoon.

Get well quick, Mom!!  Daddy is anxious to have you back!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mom in the hospital

This past week, I went to help my mother cross the street to see daddy in his room at Kidron.  The street was pretty icy after the storm we had!  The maintenance guys did clean it the best they could but with the temps in the single digits, the ice just wouldn't melt in spots.   So mom called for my help.  

I noticed that something was not quite right on Thursday.  
"Are you feeling ok, Mom?"
She wasn't sure.

On Friday I noticed that she was shuffling along very slowly and by Saturday, she had to hold on to me the whole time we walked.  She had no strength and was very unsteady.

We made a decision to take her in that day and not wait until Monday.  A CT scan revealed that she was bleeding from 2 spots in her brain so she was transferred to Via Christi in Wichita to be seen by a neurosurgeon.  Al and I followed along to see her settled in at the surgical ICU.

On Sunday, we picked Dad up.  I am not able to do that alone, but with Al's help, we were able to get him in the car and take the wheelchair along.

The neurosurgeon told us that he would be doing surgery that same day and not wait as she was declining.

Here we are in the waiting room.  It wasn't a long process; only a 40 minute surgery.  We watched the Olympics, played on our phones and looks like Al took a little nap.

The surgery was a success.  I will spare photos of the staples in mom's head!  But they had to shave off her hair to the crown of her head.  Al says she looks like some of those old bald men who have hair ear to ear and not on top.  Oh dear!!

Mindy and I went to buy some hats for her.

She is doing well.  The back of her knee is in a lot of pain and we aren't sure why.  Her knee has never given her pain before.  Very odd.

She is quite sensitive to medication and she was pretty loony yesterday.  It gave me lots of laughs, which is a good thing with the strain of all this.  She called her nurse "Ramona" (that isn't her name).  She looked at the chair by her bed and asked if she had a room-mate.  Later she thought it was my dad and said "Pete, what are you going to order for dinner?"  When I was getting ready to go home that evening, she said "You're walking home??  You be careful.  It can be dangerous!"

Today (Wednesday) they plan to move her to a regular room.  And they are only giving her Tylenol for pain.  Appreciate prayers for her knee.  (it was x-rayed and she does not have a blood clot or anything that would indicate the pain)

A verse that has brought comfort to our family is from Philippians 4:7:
God's far more wonderful than the human mind can understand.  His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.

God is on the throne - before, during, and after trials.  We have seen His guidance and His going before us in this whole thing.  "Surely I am with you always!"

Sunday, February 9, 2014


When she was told that she was going to Nana's house, Claire began to dance a jig and exclaim"Gaga!  Gaga!"

It brings me such joy to know that the kids love to come to my house to see me!  Maybe it is the yummy snacks I provide, or the fun toys or cool phone and not necessarily me?  Ha!!  Whatever - they love to come!!

I was thinking about that this morning during my devotion time. God says He delights when we love to come in His presence too!

Psalm 43:4 "...You are the source of my happiness.  I will play my harp and sing praise to You, O God, my God."

Psalm 149:3,4  "Let them praise His Name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourines and harp. The Lord takes great delight in His people and crowns the humble with salvation."

I should break out in a jig!!

* * * * * * *

The day they came, it was really cold in our home as our heater had broke.  A repairman was coming in the late afternoon, but in the meantime I lit the fireplaces and the electric heater.  So blessed to have alternative heating!  So many don't, or can't afford to have it fixed.
 Claire did not go near the fireplaces.  Promise.  She would stay 3-4 feet back and say "Hot!"

We were bundled up and stayed warm.

We have a fireplace in the basement too, and Claire wanted to visit her playhouse under the stairs.
 Sissy wanted to play on my phone.
 Claire likes to set the table and pretend to eat.
 She put her baby to bed.

 Sissy was offered a drink.

Too soon mommy was coming to pick them up.  "Time to go upstairs, Claire."

As I sang (tune:  London Bridge)
We will listen and obey, and obey, and obey,
We will listen and obey, that is what I'll do.
     she made this pouty face.

It brings a grandma such joy to have her grandkids want to spend time with you!  I think it brings our Heavenly Father much joy when we desire to be with Him too!