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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Morning moon....

Morning moon 
Foggy morning

Birds in our back yard

Lots of birds come to this perch on the deck, right outside our bedroom.

This critter was right at the hinge of the doorway so I had to find another way to enter my house.

I LOVE clouds! 

 These are the storm clouds that our meteorologists were nervous about.  No damage here in this part of the state, but oh, how they wreaked havoc on much of our nation!  Awful!

 Good-night moon.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hannah - gymnastics

Some children can get so very busy involved in lots of activities!  Almost too many.  Not enough time to just play.  Jill let the children pick one extra curricular activity to get involved in and also 1 instrument to learn.  Hannah chose gymnastics and is learning the guitar.   Sophia picked ballet and piano.

This week, Hannah had her final gymnastics class and the parents and grandparents were able to come watch.

The class was held in the basement of this lady who teaches.
First came stretches

We enjoyed watching the program, Hannah!  You learned a lot this year!

Afterwards, we all went to their house for some celebratory cake!  Adam's mom made this angel food cake and cut off the top inch or so; scooped out the inside and filled it with a strawberry filling.
 Then she frosted it with whipped topping and the girls helped place strawberries on top.  Mmmm!

Papa working on Sophia's 1000 piece puzzle while he waits for the dessert.

Claire missed out.  She was in bed.  Hopefully mommy saved her a piece for the next day!

Sophia's ballet recital is coming up soon!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of year programs

It is April and with the winding down of the year comes school programs. Of course grandpas and grandmas love to go to these!

Hannah's class program

Sophia's class program

The many expressions of Sophia!


A dance with a boy!

The chicken dance

Good job girls!!