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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I was sitting in my chair by the window and looked out.  I saw lots of geese on the lake!!  I had to take pictures!!  It was so cold out but I couldn't help myself. 

 I tried to sneak up, but I freaked them out and they took off!

 There were a lot of snow geese.  In past years, I've only noticed a couple, but this year there is a lot of white there.

Pretty snow geese among the Canada geese.
You do know they aren't Canadian geese, right?
I like the underbelly of this one.  All mottled.

I waited for awhile.  Probably if anyone was looking out their windows, they thought I was pretty loco!  Wind chill was about 16!  Brrrr!!

 A few came back to land on our frozen lake.

The other day, when it was much nicer out, our family went on an outing.  As you can imagine from all the geese, there was a lot of geese waste on the sidewalk!!  Claire did not want to walk on the sidewalk!  She wanted only for her mommy to carry her.  


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trip to KC - IKEA!

After our visit with our Zambien boys, we spent the night at my brother's house.  We laughed and had such a great time staying up late and sleeping in too!  The guest room is in the basement so nice and dark!  I like how Dave and Linda decorated their window well!
Talk about window wells - we have had a rabbit in ours.  As well as frogs and snakes.  Can't beat my uncle though.  He had a pig fall in his!!  True story.


I told Linda that I had heard so much about IKEA from my friends and that I would love to go see it! Everyone was talking about it.  So off we took.  The garage was a covered garage.  Nice.

I didn't get a photo, but there is a children's check-in place so that you can shop without the little ones!  They probably would prefer playing with toys rather than being told "don't touch that"  "put that back!" etc.  And what a ploy for IKEA.  Parents are more likely to shop longer and buy more!

There is a cool children's area though and I'm sure many children beg for items!

We were impressed!
Yes, we did get a few things!
Will have to take my daughters and daughter-in-law at Christmas! 
 On the way back to the house, we stopped to purchase some rocks for making some cairns.

The rocks Dave had were huge and inexpensive too!  I had checked out rocks around our neck of the woods and they were a little pricey.  So I picked some up for me.   Here is a picture of the ones I set up once I got home.  I wrote a blogpost about cairns:

Dave and Linda made a very special lunch for us!

Al relaxes while he waits.

Look a that food!!  Delicious!!!

Thanks guys!!