Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Animal tracks in the back woods

The days have been so pleasant.  We decided to go for a walk beyond the woods by our home.  There is a dirt road back there and we followed this path.

We began to encounter animal tracks along that road.
Canada geese tracks.

We weren't sure what some of these were.

turkey perhaps?

 ? squirrel?

  ? skunk ?

 This is cute.    Opossum?


       another kind of track left by a goose

The cool thing about this goose picture is that it looks like it is up on a ridge and the sky is behind it when in fact, I took this picture downhill and the "sky" is actually the water.

Christ calls us to walk in His steps, to follow His footprints.
In order to do that, we need to walk the path He leaves for us.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Adventure to Arkansas - Back home

Since we went to Arkansas on a different route, we decided to go home a little different way also. Normally we turn at Webb City.  They have a Culver's!!  

We discovered Culver's when our kids lived in Wisconsin.  
Best butter burgers and frozen custard ever!!

But this time, we bypassed Webb City and continued on to Nevada.  Nevada, Missouri, that is.

Cottey College is located in Nevada.  It is an independent, liberal arts and sciences college for women. It was founded by Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard in 1884.

We turned west at Nevada on Highway 54 toward Wichita.

 Such blue skies!!

 Iola - my sister-in-law's hometown.

We quickly drove through Bronson (you can see from the map how small it is)
Population around 300.
Not to be confused with Branson.

Yates Center is a nice town.
I always wished we would have purchased one of these homes.
But Al said they would be too much work.
They would cost too much to build brand new like that with the wonderful craftmanship from days gone by.
Yates Center has their court house in the middle of town with the shops around it.
Sort of like the town square of Hill City in "Back to the Future".
Many towns in Iowa are like that.
I really like that concept!
 This town was founded in 1875.  Look at the old hotel!

Pretty trim work on the elevators. 

 It was wonderful watching the sun set as we continued driving west.

The drive time was about the same as the other way, which doesn't make sense since the  other road angles.  But the traffic was very light - everyone was watching the superbowl.  If there were more traffic out, perhaps it would have taken more time trying to pass on 2 lane roads.

Very nice weekend trip to visit the children/grandchildren!