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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rapids, a pool and a party

When we were in Arkansas, Staci took us to a place we had never been before, called The Siloam Springs Kayak Park.

It was about a half an hour away from the kids' home.
On wind-y roads.  Arkansas roads are crazy curvy!
Unlike Kansas roads that are straight!  
 We squeezed 3 tubes into the van.

"The $2 million Siloam Springs Whitewater Recreation Park is the city's newest attraction, thanks to help from the Walton Family Foundation. Set up along the Illinois River, the park features family-friendly water, along with a section of engineered river for skilled kayakers and canoers, as well as beginners." 

 Although it is called a kayak park, there are plenty of tubers there too.

One group brought a cooler with a boom box and began to play some country music.
Claire said "That's MY song!"  Hmmm.  I don't think she's ever heard country before....there may have been a little jig happening too.

 Jill laughed at the expression on my face - I was scared for Claire.  But Claire was definitely not scared at all.  She LOVED it!

 There were 3 falls to go down.

You'd try to stop yourself after the 3rd fall so you wouldn't continue on down the river.   The force of the rapids was pretty strong and I almost lost my wedding ring!
There was a little pool to the side that was an absolute blast!
The force of the falls here would propel you around and around.

Josh had to work so was not able to go that day.
He had gone before and had told us about it.

Having devotions with the children before bedtime.
The next day was Claire's actual birthday.
She woke up sick. As in puking sick.

She still wanted to open gifts in the morning.
It gave her some things to do during the day.

The older kids went to the neighbor's pool to play.

By supper time, Claire felt all better.
Enough better to eat Chick-Fil-A and cake!

Happy 4th, Claire!  One we won't forget!

What a fun time we had in Arkansas!