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Saturday, January 28, 2012

With the other grandma and also great grandparents

The girls spent Tuesday with their other grandma. They moved here from Wisconsin back in the spring and now live only 15 minutes away! She helps teach school to them each week.

On Wednesday morning, my parents took care of the girls. I was doing the lesson for Berean's preschool chapel followed by Bible study so they were willing to help out. My parents are in their 80's but are so young at heart! The girls love to go to their place!
My mom taught the girls the art of tea.

They had left over cake from Adam's graduation. The frosting is black and so are their mouths!

Thanks Dad and Mom! I'm so glad you are such loving great grandparents!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The zoo

We have a season pass to the zoo and with the nice days we are having, that was a must to go take an afternoon to go.
If you ever go, be sure to check the times when you can watch them feed the animals and also interact with zoo keepers to learn more about the animals! We were told when we checked into the zoo that the zoo keeper would be with the elephants in 15 minutes so that was the 1st place we went. They animal trainers have the animals follow commands (did you know elephants can skip??) so they can check their health.

You can ask questions like what are their names, or how long have you had them? This pair came from South Africa and are almost 20 years old. Not expected to live too much longer I guess.

The kids always like to stop at the Nganda park at the zoo to play. We had taken along some of our chocolately chocolate chip cookies for a snack. We fed the little birdies a few crumbs too.

The girls are not fond of the gorillas and would NOT go into the exhibit. But we did look at them from a safe distance.

They are not afraid of the tigers though. (I think if I had to choose, I would rather meet up with a gorilla than a tiger in real life!)
We went to the tigers when the zookeeper was there also. The tiger learns commands so they can check his overall health. He even jumped up on the screen and also growled on command. When he would do what they wanted, they would feed him some raw hamburger on this stick. Amazing to watch.
They are looking into a breeding program for these tigers soon.

After leaving the zoo, we went around the corner to the county park. It is a fun park!

I took the tired kids and (a tuckered out old grandma) home!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The grandchildren

Our grandchildren spent the last 4 nights with us while dad and mom were at a pastor's conference in Oregon.
The kids brought several stuffed animals with them to sleep with.
And mommy got them each a Bravery Ballerina Bear. It isn't easy having mommy and daddy gone for several days!
But we had lots of fun! The weather was great! Hurray for January in Kansas! Although usually we do have snow, we haven't this year. It has been in the 40's and 50's.
The kids said they would be our personal GPS (Sophie said "VBS") and guided us to the park in their neck of the woods.

It has been warm enough that the Canada geese are not going south. They are congregating here! And boy are they ever congregating! Like a mega-church! Thousands!!

They are beautiful to watch.
The ice was breaking up around the edge of the lake and was making tinkling sounds like wind chimes. It was so pretty!!
We spent one morning making cookies.

I let them put sprinkles on one pan of chocolatey chocolate chip cookies.
Will post more about what we did another time! Grandchildren are so fun!