Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The day

Dec. 15 - the day Mom died

The 15th of December is the day Al and I got engaged.  1974.  

Now we will remember it for another reason too.

I had spent the night with Mom.  They would regularly come in to give her medicine or to change her position.  And Mom would always say "Thank you."

Dad came to the room shortly after his breakfast.

 I would at times go over to kiss Mom or to speak to her.  "Dad, would you like to give Mom a kiss?"  The nurse said "We can make it happen!"  They helped lift him up and bend over.  It was so sweet.  I'm disappointed that the picture didn't turn out.

Jill called me and told me that Josh was on his way!  
 Mindy decided not to take an evening shift and came too.
 It was a precious time for our family.  Mindy made a run for us - Applebees.

 Cute pose, Min.  Then Jill made a silly face too.  We needed some laughter.

Mom's friends came throughout the day to say goodbye.  Others came just to visit, not knowing how serious the situation had become.  Mom's pastors came, along with the chaplain, a good friend.  Most of the day, Mom was not conscious any more.  But we had signals that she could tell who might be there or what was being said.

We sang.  We prayed.  We laughed. We cried.

We were supposed to go to a Christmas party that evening, but of course we didn't.

Dad was holding Mom's hand and all of a sudden, he looked up.
"Oh, that's beautiful" he said.  
He told us that Mom had just squeezed his hand.

I would tell stories about Mom.  
Like the time when she was a young girl and she and her sister (or friend, can't recall) came across some boys who were skinny dipping.  They stole the boys' clothes and hid them!

My mother was full of pranks all throughout her life.

That evening just after 9, with all of us by her side, she breathed her last.

But as Dwight L. Moody once said, "Don't let anyone tell you I am dead.  I will be more alive than ever!"  I know you are Mom!  I wonder if they allow pranks in heaven?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Flight home

What a wonderful time we had had with our dear friends.
Thank you so much!!!


I did not sleep well.  
(the bed was comfortable!  but I kept praying through the night.)  
For His peace.  
     For His hand on Mom's life. 
           For the family. 
                For the flight home.

Don drove us to the airport and we were off.

 You can see Point Loma where Kathy took us that first evening, where we saw the submarine.

Good-bye San Diego!

These next pictures are for my friend, Connie, who hates to fly.

The Grand Canyon
it sort of looks like the east coast of America!

One thing I wish for, that I know there is technology for, is for a tv/computer in front of your seat where you can ask to see what you are looking at.  I often wish I knew what mountain I am looking at, or what city is below me.  They could even have a touch screen where you can find out history about the mountain or the town.  I am sure I am not the only nerd out there who would be interested in that!  

I often don't like the movies/tv shows that are available.  The last flight we were on showed a program that was so very inappropriate for little eyes to see, much less grown people!   It really was filthy.  You can't help but see glimpses, even if you have your nose in a book or out the window.  G rated only please on the planes!   Anyone from the airlines reading this?!   (sorry - kind of got on a soap box there!)

It was snowing and icy in Denver, so we had to have the plane de-iced.

We made it back to town and drove straight to the home.

God graciously allowed my mother to live until I got there.
I spent the night with her.  
Spoke to her; kissed her; hugged; loved on her.
Told her what a wonderful mother she had been.

 She was not able to say much.  She opened her eyes and at one point looked clearly at me and said "Oh my!"  And gave me a smile.  But she was medicated as she was having trouble breathing, causing anxiety.  So mostly she was not coherant.  I was so grateful to the Lord for giving me this time!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bad news

In the morning while I was writing in my journal and having my devotions, I realized that the date was 12-13-14!  Don and Kathy had plans to go watch the navy/army game.  They had invited us to go along, but we thought it was a great moment for us to go visit our sister-in-law.   

Pat was married to Al's brother.  Harley passed away in 2007 and instead of a regular funeral, Pat rented a boat and his ashes were thrown at sea, per Harley's request.

Pat is now with a guy named Alan, who is also a pharmacist, like my Allen.

When we got to their home, they had a nice welcome for us.
And because they heard I had dog-phobia, they put their "sweet" doggie outside just for me!

I am so glad!  He is a rotweiler!!  I know they say he'd just lick you to death, but that's just it, right?? I was so grateful for their kindness and compassion although they must have thought me a wuss!  At one point, he even knocked Pat over and she needed help getting up.  That is one BIG dog!!

Alan has a hobby.  He likes to do reinactment of the medieval ages.  This is his suit of armor!  He had several swords around the house. 

They took us out to eat at an Italian hole-in-the-wall.

After delicious Italian food, they took us to the top of Mt. Helix, overlooking LaMesa/San Diego.  You can see into Mexico.

 There is this house that revolves!
 Wouldn't that be cool?  I'd set it so that during the day, my living room would overlook the city, then at night, my bedroom would see the lights of the city.  

After we got back, we said our good-byes.  Luckily, they held the dog back for me.  (you can see Pat straining at the leash!!)  Thank you!!!
 We got back to Don and Kathy's.  Received a phone call from my daughter, Mindy.  "Mom, Grandma is worse.  I think it is time to put her on hospice."  What??  It had only been about a week ago that we had put mom in health care!

She had sounded weaker, but I had no idea that she would decline so rapidly!  I had been told that her vitals were good and it would be fine to go on this trip.  And Mom insisted that I enjoy myself and not change plans.  The kids had kept me in touch and I had talked with mom each day.  And now we are talking that she isn't going to make it?

We tried to change air flights so we could leave that evening.  But all the further we got was getting back to Wichita 6 hours earlier and it costing $3,000.  We began to pray that the Lord would help her to hang on, if that was His will.  I wanted to see her again.  To say good-bye.

That evening, we went with Don and Kathy to Shadow Mountain church, where David Jeremiah is the pastor.  I have enjoyed his books and his radio program, Turning Point.  They were playing some Christmas songs, including a few secular ones.  

One song they played was, "I'll be home for Christmas." 
 "Lord, please help me get home soon, to see my mother" I prayed.

After church, we went out to another hole-in-the-wall, this time a Mexican fish restaurant.  We love these places, rather than the regular chain restaurants!!  And, oh man, the food was so good!  We had rock shrimp, fish tacos, etc.  Mmm-mmm-mmm!  The son of the owner was playing with his high school jazz band.  They were being graded for it.  Kathy was so very friendly and encouraging to the owner.  She reminds me of my mom, who did not know a stranger.

We headed to the airport to pick up Don and Kathy's boys!  They were coming in for a Broncos ball game the next day!

We see them often at church back home, so it was wierd to see them here in California!

We were heading back in the morning for Kansas.  So anxious to get home to see my parents!