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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The heron and the dog

One afternoon our neighbor dog was making a ruckous.

My eye noticed movement in our little creek.

We had a visitor.
He patiently stood still for a very long time.
Was Fye more bark than bite?
The great blue heron decided to make his move.

Ruffling its feathers

He entered the creek and ate lots of little frogs or fish or bugs 

I was doing house work but would occasionally look out.
This heron patiently ate his fill for about an hour!

Fye lost interest.

 The heron flew off to the lake.

Ever wonder where a heron sleeps at night?  I did so I looked it up.  (picture not mine)

Later on, I heard Fye barking again.  Sure enough, the heron was back in our creek.  It probably had better offerings.

See how it stretches out its neck?
Then he lunges and grabs his dinner.

Sometimes the heron will grasp his meal in a tweezer like grasp.
Other times, he will impale it.
Like in this photo I took awhile back.

Can you see him?
Look close!

I heard some laughter.
Children were playing close by.

 They didn't notice him, but I know the heron was "all ears"!

Off he flew!

He has been coming every day and stays awhile.

Much to Fye's consternation. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Packer Pizza Party

It is no secret that when our daughter married a guy from Wisconsin, we became Green Bay Packer fans!

Our kids live in a small town and have trouble watching the games on their tv.  We don't have cable either, but the games are often on a channel that we are able to get.  On  Sunday, the kids and Adam's parents (visiting from Wisconsin) came over to watch the game and to have a pizza party!

 I made some chocolate covered strawberry footballs.  They were promptly eaten.

Hannah wanted to help with dinner.

We made our own personal pan pizzas.
Hamburger, sausage, bacon, or alfredo/chicken/spinach.  Everyone got to put on their very own toppings.

Claire LOVED it and helped make everyone's!!
 It didn't take long to make them and they were so good!!

Claire ususally eats "plain" pizza, but this time she tried several things on it.  She had to put on "fake" cheese because they think she is dairy intolerant.    We had ice-cream for dessert and I had found some coconut milk ice-cream for her.

At half time Adam took Sophia outside to throw the football.  She is a HUGE Packer fan!

Claire was a little tired of the game so she played in the playhouse under our stairs.

And got Nana snuggles too.

 The Packers won!!!  Which means that Adam gets to continue growing his "playoff" hair at least one more week.  It won't be cut unless they lose.