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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hannah's 4th Birthday

For Hannah's 4th birthday, she wanted a "Jesse cake". You know, Jesse, the cowgirl from Toy Story 2. We made Emily's bed (Hannah wanted that one, rather than Andy's bed. It is girlier) and placed the characters from Toy Story 2 on it.

Here is Hannah watching Mommy decorate the cake. Hannah loves Jesse. She thinks she is so very funny. One time Hannah was laughing and her mommy asked what was so funny. "Didn't I tell you that everytime that I laugh, it's just because I'm thinking about Jesse."

We went to Aunt Mindy's apartment in Wichita and went swimming.

Hannah thought it was a hoot to ride Papa's back.

Grandma Lois is having fun too!

The hot tub is always fun!

What is a party without party hats?

Blowing out the candles.

Opening gifts.

After the party, we went to Aunt Mindy's. The girls love the kitties.

But where is the other kitty?

There she is!

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Sophia is going through a growth spurt (or as Jill used to call it when she was little - "growth spirit"). She eats ALL the time. She never gets full. Here she is in her high chair, mouth stuffed full of goulosh and signing "MORE!" We sing a song Jill and Adam made up - "You must chew what you have, chew what you have, chew what you have, you must chew what you have, you must chew what you have!"

Hannah is often in her own little world. She got in my pantry and got out my cupcake baking cups and lined them all up into a l-o-n-g snake.

My brother, Doug drove from Pennsylvania to visit his son, Brandon, and also our brother, Dave, in Kansas City. Then he came down to Newton to see our parents and me. Mom invited us, Mindy, and Jill's family over for a delicious sukiyaki supper. We love Japanese food!! (Adam does NOT like sushii or fish of any kind though!)

Doug spent the night. The next day we ate at the Bread Basket for lunch. Mom suggested we go to church so we did. I showed him around, and in particular, the nursery -since I'm the nursery director. I LOVE those little ones at Grace!

You may have noticed that my brothers names start with the letter D. Our third brother is Dan. The folks named us all with the letter D and our middle names are A, B, C, D. I'm the C being the third child. Any guesses as to what my middle name is?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just funny!

Thought it would be fun to post these cute pictures from
a party we had at church back in '05.
Andrea is pregnant with Ava I believe.
Joel, you make a great sumo wrestler!

Sumo is my Dad's favorite sport.
We used to watch it a lot on tv!

We also played it on the school playground.
We'd make a big circle in the dirt
and wrestle for all we were worth.

At home we would use a mattress on the floor,
wrap towels on our bottoms
so we'd look just like sumo wrestlers. Ha!

My oldest brother always won.
He had no problem pushing us out of bounds.

You poor Americans have no idea what fun you are missing!