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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day with Sophie

Sophie asked me if I would go with her when her class went on their school field trip to the zoo.  I was excited to do that and said we should just make it a whole day and have a "date" afterwards.

There were several other schools going that same day.  As I waited for their school bus to arrive, I watched as other children filed past.  It was fun to watch.  Some preschool children had tie-dyed their shirts or had animal shirts so that they would all be dressed in like manner.   

 Sophie spotted me the same time I saw her.  

As you can see, there are several people with umbrellas.  Well, the forecast for the day was not very good.  Elevated risk for downpours, hail and high wind.  Not too high for tornados, thank goodness.


It just began to sprinkle when the bus arrived and within minutes began to pour cats and dogs!

Even the chimps are under the roofs to stay dry!

Luckily, I brought umbrellas for us.

Taking a selfie with the orangutan.

The anteater didn't seem to mind the rain.

The birdies are staying dry under their own little roof!

We heard thunder and ran for the next building.
We happened to be the only ones finding refuge in the giraffe/rhino building.

Cleaning out the hippo cage.

Then we ran to the rain forrest.  
As you can see, even with umbrellas, we were getting wet.  
The rain was coming down in buckets!!

When you enter the rain forrest, there is a "fake" rain  area with "fake" thunder.
It was competing with the REAL thing!  Listen to how LOUD the rain is!

We ran to the reptile building ...

After we spent some time there, we decided to go to the gift shop and see if any from the school were there.

I had to laugh when I saw this ladie's shirt!

Sophie and I decided we were DONE.  We were wet and ready to just leave.  
I have a zoo pass and I knew we would be going again in a couple of weeks.

We decided to do some shopping!

 Sophie picked Cheddars as the restaurant she wanted to go to.

We finished our day together here.

What a FUN day we had, even if we did get all wet!  We were making memories!  Not too much longer and they will be moving FAR away.  Never fear!  We will come visit!