Love the Lord your God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him, for the Lord is your life! Deut. 30:20

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Let your light shine; Japan

My grandson's class was studying about Japan so I was asked if I would go and do a little presentation since I grew up there.  

Allen couldn't go along, but I don't mind driving myself.  I'd prefer him with me of course!  I love doing road trips with my husband!!  We are discussing a long road trip maybe this coming fall.

In the morning before I left for Arkansas, I babysat Claire for just a little.  We played some games including Chutes and Ladders.  I have an old version with sweet pictures.  

I had to explain about the dunce cap and why this boy got in trouble, reading a comic book instead of doing his history lesson.  I said "He might get a C or even an F rather than an A if he doesn't study."  She piped right back "Or an S!"

I left for Arkansas after lunch.   I like to listen to the radio in the car and one sermon I heard was the Prodigal Son - or as I like to call it, the Loving Father.  How He loves to rescue us and bring us back!  In the past month, I have heard this very passage spoken several times from various venues; my Bible study, my son-in-law's sermon, at a funeral, at church and now on the radio. God keeps bringing it back to my attention!  Help me know Your heart Lord!

After supper, Staci had to go somewhere but Josh, the children and I played this fun game before bedtime.

I slept in Emeri's room.  She slept in the bunkbed in Eli's room.  When I turned out the lights, here is what I saw.

It reminded me of the lesson we had recently in small group from Ephesians 5.  "Live as children of light."  Al reminded us that we don't reflect Christ like the moon reflects the sun.  Rather we are like these stars Emeri has on her ceiling.  They take in light all day long and then when the light is turned off, in the darkness they shine from within.  We take in the Word of God and because the Spirit lives within us, we shine!  The more we take in, the brighter we are!  A believer who does not spend time abiding in Him still has the Spirit within, but his light is faded.


The next day, I went to Eli's class to share about Japan.

A lesson on bowing.

Did you know that Japan has over 6,000 islands?  There are the big main islands, of course, but also some very small ones that are uninhabitable.  

Wedded rocks - truly.   "According to Shinto, the rocks represent the union of the creator of kamiIzanagi and Izanami. The rocks, therefore, celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman. The rope, which weighs over a ton, must be replaced several times a year in a special ceremony. The larger rock, said to be male, has a small torii at its peak." - wikipedia

Cat island - Actually, there are 11 of them.  More cats than people.

Monkey island -  Here is a picture of me when I was Eli's age, sitting on Taniguchi's lap.  We took a couple of boats across to the island.  Actually, you can walk across in low tide.  This island is close to where I grew up.  

We talked about the school system.  School runs April - March, so the children in the 1st grade are now on break and begin 2nd grade in April.  I gave them a sheet to practice a couple of the hiragana Japanese alphabet.

Most of the children at Eli's school come by car.  Probably all of them.  
Public school children ride a school bus or they may walk too, if they live close enough.

At my parent's Japanese kindergarten, the teachers would go pick up the children from their homes to take them to kindergarten.  Here is my mom with another teacher.

I rode the train to school.  Here I am in first grade.  
In highschool, we took the plane or overnight ferry.  Sometimes the overnight train too.  Highschool was in Tokyo, about 1000 miles from home.

I told them about earthquakes and volcanoes.  

 This is Sakurajima which was fairly close to our home; about 3 hours away, the distance of Little Rock to NW Arkansas.  I can still remember it blowing up and dusting our home and car with ash.

What a fun morning we had! 
I got to have lunch with the grandchildren and then headed back to Kansas!

I am grateful for nice wide shoulders on highway 400!
A car was passing a truck and if I had not taken the shoulder, 
he would have plowed into me!

Sad to see some of the burned land.  Kansas had several fires this past month.
Now we are getting much needed rain!