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Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day of school!

Jill invited me to come along with her to go with the kids to the start of the first day of school.  We were going to have them ride out with us, but the girls wanted to ride the bus!  So we took them to the bus stop.
Kindergarten and 2nd grader

How sweet that the girls are holding hands! 

There weren't too many little kids riding the bus that first day.  Aren't they so brave?

We followed the bus - Hannah wanted to make sure we got pictures of that, like we did when she was in kindergarten!

It is a good 15 minutes away.  Love this school in farm country!  It was where we sent our 3 children too.

The kids lined up in the gym with their classes for this first day before marching to their classrooms.

 Have a good day, Hannah!

Giving mommy a kiss on her hand.  And mommy can put it to her cheek anytime that morning when she feels lonely for Sophia.

Good-bye Sophia!

The parents were invited to the lunch room for some delicious coffee cake and to commiserate with the other parents.

Jill said she had to take another peek and make sure the kids were ok.  Dave said he wanted to go too.  So off they snuck to take one more look.

Looking forward to a wonderful year, but oh my, I will miss those girls coming to my house as much as they did this past year.

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Elaine Entz said...

Mrs Burkhart & Miss Johnson are much loved teachers at Berean, the girls are in good hands! :)