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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daddy's 89th birthday

Last week we celebrated Mindy's birthday.  And last night we celebrated Dad's birthday.  He turns 89 years old today.  Here he is with his older sister, my Aunt Millie.

Here is a baby photo of Dad.

And another of him starting school - front row, the little boy with the hat.

And here in the front row, 4th from the left.


We went to my parent's duplex. Jill's family and Mindy came to the party.

Per family tradition, we asked Dad what his favorite meal was and what he would want.  He told us a few times that he didn't care and that we should pick.  We decided to do sort-of Japanese.  We made omu-rice or omelet rice.  It is in all the restaurants in Japan but not what you would typically think of being Japanese.

Rice filled with chicken, peas, onion, ketchup and wrapped in an omelet and topped with ketchup.  You could google for a recipe if you want.  There are variations.

The girls love playing with Grandma Lois' toys!

I found a "denture" ice-cube tray for mom and she had to use them for the occasion of course!

The girls helped blow out the angel food birthday cake. (I don't believe Dad even got one whif in)

We mixed some home-made ice-cream for Dad.  He LOVES to eat from the dash - I remember him doing that so much when I was young.  We thought it would be a treat for him!

And when it all melted, he asked for a straw so he could get the last drop! 

What a fun couple of hours we all had together!  Then we wheeled Dad back to his room.  They have begun the task of preparing him to be able to move back to the duplex!  Mom will have training this week on how to care for him and they came to look at the place to see where there needs to be changes made so this transition can take place!  Won't that be a lovely present for him?

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Our favorite recipe for home-made ice-cream:
4 eggs
   beat until foamy
2 1/2 cups sugar 
   add and beat until thickened
4 cups whipping cream
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons vanilla
   Mix well
Approximately 5 cups milk
   Add milk to fill line on can and stir well.
Churn per freezer instructions.

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Elaine Entz said...

Doug grew up in Korea and he liked "om rice" and it's very similar to what you made. The rice is seasoned with ketchup and goes inside the omelet and it's wrapped up like a square.