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Friday, February 27, 2009

Afternoon with Hannah

This afternoon Jill called. She wasn't feeling very well so I offered to watch Hannah. Sophia was going to nap and Jill needed to also. Adam brought Hannah over on his way to work. We had a little rest time first, but then we decided to make some cookies. While the cookies were in the oven, we played "Wheel of Fortune" on the computer.

The contestants were Nana, Hannah and Papa!

When the cookies were done, it was time to make deliveries! Our first stop was to take the warm chocolate chip cookies to Dave Balzer, who is working on houses in our neighborhood.

Next stop was church. Sorry, Dave and Steve. You don't work on Fridays. Next time, we'll try to deliver on a day you do work. Usually, Adam doesn't work Fridays either, but he did work this afternoon.

We made a stop at the post office and by that time, Hannah proclaimed that she was hungry. We hadn't gotten to sample any of the cookies we made, so Hannah thought we should stop at the Dairy Queen. Good choice! As we were eating our chocolate dip cones, she said, "How come that man is staring at us?" I looked across the street at Anderson Health Care. There in the window was a mannequin and sure enough, he was staring at us!

That reminds me of a time Hannah went shopping with her mommy and at one store, there was a mannequin and it was one of those modern kind that didn't have a head. Hannah stood in shock and said "Mommy, that person lost his head!"

After a delicious treat, we needed to return a book to the library for Aunt Millie, so Hannah wanted to also go to the children's section and check out some books and videos.

She will have fun reading. After picking up some medicine at Wal-greens for Aunt Millie, we stopped at her apartment at Kidron to deliver her some cookies as well.

Oops, Aunt Millie's head got a little fuzzy.

One more stop before going home. We took a batch of cookies to Grandpa Pete and Grandma Lois, who live in a duplex at Kidron.

By this time, Hannah was tired and ready to go home. So off we went to take cookies to her family.
Sophia thought those cookies sure looked tasty.
Sophia also thought it was her turn to go with Nana. She took me by the hand and led me to the door. "bushidamadisha...bye bye." When I told her I would take her another time, she almost cried. Nana and Papa love their grandchildren!

"Children's children are a crown to the aged" Proverbs 17:6


Marc and Sarah said...

You guys sure had a busy afternoon, but it sounds like it was A LOT of FUN!

Aaron and Shannon said...

Wow! You guys had a busy afternoon! Looks like you had fun though! They are lucky to have you!