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Monday, May 18, 2009

wedding & reunion

On Saturday, we went to a wedding. Here is a picture of one of Al's pharmacists, Harry and his wife, Linda. Their daughter was getting married in Wichita. When we arrived at the church and sat down , we noticed a photograph of a woman up at the front of the church. As we looked at it, we realized it was a friend of ours from long ago.

When we lived in Wichita between 1978-1981, we attended the Evangelical Free Church on Woodlawn & 21st streets. We belonged to a young married's Sunday School class called "The Homebuilders" class. We made lots of friends in that class. The photograph was of Linda Hanneman, who was part of that class. She passed away from cancer several years ago. Del and Linda and us used to get together outside of Sunday School class, in eachother's homes, or at parties. Al and Del ran together at times too. We moved to Newton and over the years we lost touch with most of these friends.

It dawned on us that Caitlin was marrying Del and Linda's son! As we sat there on the bench waiting for the wedding to start, we looked behind us and noticed many of our old friends from that class so many years ago (28 years)! Looked sort of the same, just kind of aged a little. Of course, Al and I haven't aged at all! Ha!

Brad and Caitlin

Here are one of our friends from Eve Free, Ray and Kulsum Dorsett. They used to be on staff with the Navigators. Kulsum is originally from Kenya (where our Kulsum from our church is from too). Kulsum and I were pregnant at the same time back in 1978. We were so sad when their daughter was born with a heart defect and passed away 8 days after birth (if I remember correctly). What a difficult time that was. It was so good to catch up and see how God has been working in their lives. I had to think of the young marrieds class at our church. Someday, perhaps if people move to another town, they may also have reunions such as we did this weekend. It was so fun to see them all! There was a wonderful Chocolate Candy Bar.
Isn't the cake fabulous??!!

Brad throws the garter.
This picture did not turn out, but for those of you from Grace, you will notice perhaps a young man in the right back waiting and hoping to catch the garter. You can't recognize him, but it is Jason Balzer! He happens to work for Brad's dad, Del Hanneman.
The decorations were so gorgeous! We heard that Linda got many of these off of E-Bay and plans to turn around and sell them on E-Bay! What a great idea!!
The party favor for each person was a gigantic Kiss!
I put a regular Kiss beside it so you can see the size.
Yup. I have started to eat it too!
Thank you, Harry and Linda for the great party1
Congratulations to Brad and Caitlin!


PamperingBeki said...

What a beautiful wedding and a small world!

(My husbands parents went to the EVFree church in Wichita for years. Wonder if you know them?)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

What years were they there? Are they like around 53 years of age? or so? Ask them if they went to Homebuilders Class. I don't know their name either. We should meet up someday.