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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Road trip

For my Aunt Millie's birthday, I gave her a road trip to Paxico, Kansas to visit her granddaughter, Christie. Her birthday was back in July, but it was just now that we were able to do it. It was a beautiful day! The drive was just wonderful! Whoever says Kansas is flat doesn't know a thing! We took Highway 77 to Junction City, then 70 over to Paxico. Lots of hills and very curvy roads.

I was so disappointed because Al had our camera with him at the Grand Canyon (pictures to follow). I got on-line to get some photos to encourage others to take this wonderful day trip!

What a delightful little town Paxico is, filled with antique shops.

We ate lunch at a local place then headed out to shop!

photo by frankthompson

the above 2 photos by surfaceand surface photography. check out that website for more wonderful photos of Paxico!

We gasped as we saw one bedroom suite. It was gorgeous! But the price was worth gasping about too. $32,000!!! No kidding! One lady who was also shopping in the store said "That costs more than my house!"

Our excursion was cut short when Aunt Millie ran into a stove and got herself a good gash.

We ended up here. Paxico did not have any kind of hospital. It is only a town of 200. So we drove to Wamego, about 15 miles away.

The hospital gave Aunti Millie quick and wonderful care! After she was all doctored up, we drove home through the beautiful Flint Hills, this time, going south on 99. Aunt Millie knew about Alma Creamery so we stopped there for some cheese curds, or as we call them "squeeky cheese".
Highway 99 is so hilly - up and down and all around! Some people would get very car sick I think. But I was driving and not in the back seat so it was ok. Of course we had to stop and read all the Historical markers (or as Aunt Millie says it - "hysterical markers") My kids laugh at us doing that. But hey, we learned something new. Did you know that the first Christian martyr in America was killed in Herrington? Well, it wasn't Herrington back then. This was ages ago before there was a town there. 1542 to be exact. His name was Juan Padilla. Now you know.
We picked up Highway 177 along with a drive around Cottonwood Falls. Love that town! Al took me there once for our anniversary and we stayed at the Grand Hotel. There was live music in the middle of the street downtown.

Here you see all those flint rock fences. A historical marker said that back in 1857, they made it a law that Kansas would not be free range any longer so people put up these rock fences as flint rock is everywhere.
Kansas is most beautiful!

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PamperingBeki said...

What a cool road trip! I've never heard of that town. Love the pictures though.

I like that plaque in the antique store that says "Home is where your story begins".