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Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping Day

This morning Jill, Sophia and I went to Wichita. Picked up Mindy at her apartment and went to our very favorite shopping place - Target!
The girls always have to climb on the red balls outside the store...
...and we always have to stop at our favorite drink place! We drink our lattes or mochas while we shop. Today we shopped 2 hours!! There is a lot to look at and try on and debate over.

After a successful trip, we headed to Cinnamon Deli's for their turkey/avocado/sprout sandwich. Today we also tried out some of the Wisconsin soup in a bread bowl. Oh my. Sooooo good!! We happened to see Mike Miller, the inventor of the famous Knork. He went to school with our kids.

You can see that Sophia thinks dessert should be eaten first!

My girls - Mindy and Jill.

Sophie sacked out on the way home.

I spent the afternoon cooking - enchilada casserole, taco salad, tossed fruit salad. In big quantities.

We had our community life group tonight. Allen and I began a young marrieds small group ministry in our church around 7 years ago. Joel and Kendall Smith were with us from that first year on. They were newly married. It has grown and grown and now most of them all have young families. And the couples we had are now leaders of their own community life groups. So now we are starting over with a new group of young marrieds. There are actually enough new young marrieds that there are 2 groups starting!

A few of the couples in our group have only been married 2-3 months. And one is going to be married this coming Saturday! (Our new youth pastor, Brian and wife-to-be Christina!) We had a fun time sharing our very first paid job and also our current job. Some prefered their first job! Then we all shared advice with Brian about married life. We wrote the first half of the advice on one sheet of paper, the last half on another. We mixed them all up and they were pretty darn hilarious. We are proud to report that he is well informed now and will be a good husband to Christina. (Ha!)

Allen had us look up 1 Cor. 3 and also John 15. We discussed growing in Christ. The analogy of physical growth and spiritual growth. And how can we grow as a couple. And also with each others encouragement. We charted our own spiritual graphs and shared that with our spouses.

I am really looking forward to learning to know these "kids" (we are in our 50's and have been married longer than these guys are old!)

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PamperingBeki said...

That sounds like such a great day!

We have a set of Knork flatware and I love them. :) The knives, the spoons, the forks, all of it.