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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

State Fair

Monday was Adam and Jill's 7th anniversary.
We were asked to babysit and since it was free admission day at the State Fair and one token per ride day - and because it is just so

FUN !!!
to go to the fair with the grandkids,
off we went to Hutch.

The first ride at the fair was the air lift that took us to the petting zoo.

When we got off, Sophie began to cry.
"Again, again!!"

She loved going up so HIGH in the sky!

Looking down on people and animals.


Again, Sophie cried when she got off.

"Again! Again!"


"Again, again!"

"Again, again!"

"It's time to eat."

They weren't hungry.

They just wanted more rides.

It was so fun!
Listening to the girls laugh and laugh
as the rides went faster and faster.
The rides all come to an end at some point.
More tears.

Did NOT want to get off at all!

"Let's go find a roller coaster."

Again, more tears.

"Again. Again!"

It was getting past bed time.

We found a water fountain on the way out.

A good "bath".

We dried them off at the car,
put on their jammies,
stopped at McDonald's (fair food is SO expensive!!)
and went home.

What a fun day.

"Again, again!"

Next year!

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PamperingBeki said...

Awww fun!

We were there Monday too, but we had to go later in the day after my big kids got out of school.