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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Community Life

Back in the late '70's, when Al was going to KU and I was working on campus, we were a part of a small group led by Bob and Nancy Williams. Although not on staff with the Navigators, they used much of that material. They taught us so much about living a Christian life. We memorized Scripture; we learned how to read and study the Bible. Learned to love Christ more! We made great friends! This is a picture of us on a canoe trip at the end of the year. We were with this group for around 4 years. Thank you Bob and Nancy for the years you invested in us!Around 7 years ago, Allen and I decided to start a young marrieds' small group at our church. Joel and Kendall were in that original group and stayed with us for the long haul. What a joy and blessing to us to become friends with the various couples we have had over the years!! Now these couples are no longer "young married" but are "young family". They have branched off and begun their own community life groups.

This year we started over with another "batch" of young marrieds. We have 6 couples. There were enough couples at church that there is another "older" or "mature" couple with another group of young marrieds as well.

As in other years, we have a study night, game night, study night and then one week off. We are beginning with a study series by Ray VanderLam and later on will go through the book "Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti". Al will also teach other lessons.

Last night we took a trip to the corn maze in Buhler.

We first went through the maze all together and cheated quite often, looking at the map. When we completed the maze, we had a race to see who could finish first and no looking at the map allowed. Al and I finished dead last. Got so lost!
We finished our evening at Lincoln Perk. Aah! Late night latte's and good conversation! We are looking forward to a wonderful year, growing closer in our relationship to Christ and eachother.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I remember doing this with you guys a number of years ago -- what fun we had!!!!!

Utecht Family said...

Don't tell me that's Dad in the banana hat! Hilarious!!!

Kendall Smith said...

How fun!!! We have such fond memories of those early years of marriage...BEFORE kids!!! What a sweet time. You guys are wonderful for doing that again!!!!!