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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

House for sale!

No, not my house!

But my friend Sheryl and her husband found a house in town, so this past month I went out to help them fix up their home to sell. We cleaned, scraped off old wallpaper, painted..... It is beautiful and move-in ready!

Hannah came to entertain the kitties while we worked.

Sheryl and I used to be neighbors many years ago in Quail Creek. Then they moved out to the country and we also moved to a different neighborhood. But we still try to walk together during her lunch hour. In our younger years, we used to jog together. But our old creaky knees won't allow that anymore.

This gorgeous home is located on Eastlake Road just south of Highway 50. Beautiful scenery! Rolling hills. Becky Wheeler with Remax has it listed in case you are interested!


Tami said...

oh, my WORD! i *love* that house! we have driven by it numerous times and every time at least ONE of us says "we want *that* house!"

too bad we are downsizing and moving back to town :(

The Sieberts said...

wow! i would totally buy it if i had the money and i wanted to live in the country. Since don't have/want to do either of those things, guess i'll have to let someone else have it :)