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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back from Arkansas!

I haven't blogged for a long time. I have been going down to Arkansas to help my son and wife with their children. Poor sweet baby Elijah has been having some tummy troubles and Josh and Staci have been exhausted from lack of sleep. We are thinking that perhaps Staci will probably need to stay off any dairy products and hopefully that will help.

They haven't had time to do any Christmas decorating.
Pumpkins still on the porch -
I thought it would be fun to make a
pumpkin snowman!

Here are the 2 little reasons I've been gone from home.

I took a little Christmas tree to them - just for the children.
Emeri was delighted to decorate (and un-decorate and decorate again!)
her own little Christmas tree.

Each year I buy an ornament for each grandchild.
I found a Little People ornament on-line for Emeri.
She LOVES Little People!

So we made a Little People Christmas tree.

I am home now.
Several parties this week to get ready for!
Shopping still needs to get done.
Wouldn't trade the time with Emeri, Elijah, Josh and Staci though!

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