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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas, a little late

Christmas celebrations with the family

While most people opened gifts and celebrated Christmas on Dec 25, we waited until Wednesday, the 30th, when our son, Josh and his family were able to come up from Arkansas.

One of the traditions we have is the advent log. In Japan while I was growing up, our family had this. Dad made a log for me when I got married. Jill also wanted to continue the tradition so he made one for her too. We light the first candle 4 weeks before Christmas and light it each evening while we eat. The next week we light 2 candles and so on and so forth. A new tradition we started (Jill's idea) is to say something about Jesus each time we light a candle. Sophie always says "Jesus is born". Always. Hannah would say "Jesus is God" or "Jesus is the light of the world" or other truths about Him.

Our family: Baby Elijah, son Josh, daughter-in-law Staci, me and Sophie, Allen, Jill, little Emeri holding hands with Hannah, Adam, Mindy and my parents, Pete and Lois.

Josh was telling Emeri that they were going to see Grandpa Pete and she said "I call him Peter".

Allen and I with our 3 dear children - Josh, Jill and Mindy

Opening gifts gallore~

Mindy reads a new book to Sophie.
They got a zoo pass with the book.

Mom received photo tiles that Jill made at the craft house in McPherson. Jess posted about this so it was something I was anticipating!! I was hoping Jill was making some for me and I was tickled that she made a set for me too. I LOVE them!

Papa and his two two-year-old granddaughters.

And with his new grandson.

Mindy gives Elijah a bottle.

Lisa, my daughter-in-law's mother, also came to spend Christmas with us. Staci's dad was skiiing in Colorado but Lisa came to help with the baby and the children on the 6 hour drive here. Lisa is a dear friend and we were happy to have her with us!

Cowgirl Hannah

Jill takes a turn holding Elijah.

Grandma Lois hold Eli too.
And my sister-in-law, Linda also takes a turn while my brother Dave snaps a shot.
We are all enamored with this little guy!

Now we are both tuckered out.

So much celebrating....

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