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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hannah loves to do art work. She told me today she felt "crafty". Her Gramsy sends her lots of crafts in her "Gramsy Grams" (wonderful packages from Adam's mother who lives in Wisconsin). This is a picture that Hannah made for her mommy.
This one is of her and me.

And Sophia's coloring.

Tonight while I was preparing supper, Al did playdough with the girls - since Hannah felt "crafty". My husband does not have a artistic bone in his body. I thought. Stick figures and such. Well, I learned something new. After almost 35 years of marriage, I find out he does sculpture!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That is very impressive Play-Doh art -- really!

Joel Smith said...

Hannah is VERY crafty! Yesterday she was sharing how creative she was. And how she loves to do crafts. She is so sweet!!!


The Sieberts said...

wow! that's really good Allen!!

Momma H said...

Ha! A closet artist?! That is a very good dinosaur! WTG, Al.