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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Retreat – to draw back; an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable; a place of privacy or safety: refuge. This month I have been privileged to go on 2 retreats! On March 5-6 Allen and I and the Webers hung out with some very special young couples at the Hesston Crosswinds Conference Center. Kendall and Amanda put together an awesome program with Cheri Busenitz’ help (she has put together conferences for several years in Alaska and is a great resource!). This conference was based on the book "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas.

I love this picture of the pregnant young ladies! They are so cute! (Pictures by Kendall. I forgot my camera)

Allen explaining marriage to the guys. Ha!

Each marriage goes through seasons. There are often rough years; whether infertility, expectations not met, a spouse who spends too many hours at work…. Most marriages will not go unscathed at some time. Many people enter marriage thinking that this one person will fulfill all their needs and fill a void in their heart and soul. But really, only God can be our primary source of satisfaction and joy in life.

When a diamond is first mined, it looks pretty ugly. But after being chipped away, it begins to sparkle and is beautiful! Marriage often is the setting for us to be chipped away – our selfishness, the struggles and challenges. “As iron sharpens iron…” Prov. 27:17. Marriage is a setting to help us become more like Christ. So, take a look at your left hand - at the diamond you put on when you got married. Let it remind you that it is going through the tough times and sticking it out together, with God's help that will help your marriage shine and be a reflection of God to the world. This past weekend, March 13-14, Jill and I attended our women’s retreat at Rock Springs 4-H camp close to Junction City. What a fun time!

Friday evening we spent playing games. First we shared our full names (many people had the same middle name. I was the only one with Corinne as my middle name). We also shared one thing most people don’t know about us. That was soooo funny! Lots of secrets!! I shared about the time on the ship going back to Japan when I was 8, my missionary friend and I went out on deck after dark. We were supposed to be in bed but we snuck out. There was a young kid out there who grabbed us and he started to throw me over board. He was probably joking - who knows - but I remember seeing the decks below, watching the water churning by, the moon reflecting on the water while hanging over the rail. Then I heard a shout. My friend's dad, Uncle Verney, came on deck. This kid dropped us and ran. I guess Uncle Verney got him because this kid was locked up the rest of the trip. His parents weren’t happy about that but the captain was adamant that he would stay there until we reached port.

Ice-breaker game. Bobbie and Julie

Our youth pastor’s wife, Christina, spoke from Phil 3:4-8. Paul had quite the pedigree! But in the face of that, his only true asset was knowing Christ. It isn’t about performance or how great our past is. Christina challenged us to think about what we need to lose in order to gain Christ. It is knowing Christ that matters. He is all about relationship. Follow hard after Him! With all your heart, soul and strength!

I loved the workshop on the story of hymns. I love those stories! Most were written in adversity. “You cannot climb a smooth mountain.”

Well, I'm rested, refreshed. What a great time getting to know others better. Much encouraged! Thanks to all who worked so hard to provide this time for us!

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Blue-eyed Blonde said...

I wish I could have been there. Thanks for that peek into a great retreat.