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Monday, May 17, 2010

Community Life group

This is our community life group from this past year. Most are newly married; several just a year or less. We have been married 35 years this summer so we are the oldees.

We had our last night tonight. (Well, we will do a couple cook-outs this summer too.)

We started in the fall and did Ray VanderLaan's "That the World May Know" series. About the culture of world in Biblical times and gives you insight into the Scriptures.

We ended the year studying this book:

It has been very insightful and fun. A couple in a study we did a few years ago told us it saved their marriage! Not sure how truthful that is, but it does open one's eyes as to how the opposite sex thinks. And we surely do not think the same way! Women tend to think like spaghetti - noodles touch eachother and intersect, and our thoughts and issues all connect to every thought and issue. And when we talk, we go on a journey of spaghetti-ing. Men are like waffles because they process life in "boxes"; they have a sports box, work box, TV box, etc. One box at a time. Sometimes it is hard for them to follow us when we talk. We don't always get to the point of our conversation right away.

I found this shirt and Andrew won it in a game we played.

It has been a great year with this bunch of young folk!

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That t-shirt's hilarious!!!! I love it.