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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Today my first grand-daughter, Hannah went to school!
Her mommy rode with her on the bus and Sophia and I followed behind.

Here is Hannah's wonderful!!!! kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Burkhart. Hannah says that she taught the children to remember her name by "brrrr" "cart".

Before all the mommies left the room, Mrs. Burkhart told the children to plant a kiss in their mommie's palm and then to close up all the fingers to capture that kiss. That way, when the mommies would be sad during the day, they could open their hand, place it against their cheeks and get "kissed". And then the mommies put kisses into their children's hands. Hannah also gave me a kiss to take home. And yes, I did use it!

All the mommies and this grandma were in tears.

Good-bye hugs!

There was "coffee and cry" for the moms. Incidently, Sophie spent a good share of the morning crying. It was sad to have her sissie at school. She missed her play-mate. Soon she will realize what fun it is to have alone time with mommy.

Tonight we had a "first day of school" celebration. I LOVE the cake Jill made! It is hard to see the kids grow up!


The Sieberts said...

how sweet. i just wiped some tears from my eyes realizing Ava will be in kindergarten next year. my does time fly!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard about saving the kiss in case you needed it....what a lovely idea!

Amy said...

I love that pictures of Hannah and Jill... where you can see the tear running down Jill's face. So sweet.