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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Today was Labor Day and boy did I labor! Went to church at 9:30 where I met Sarah Friesen. We spent until noon going through toys and moving toys to appropriate rooms. We have sooooo many little ones that we've had to add a classroom to our nursery, making 6 rooms for kids 2 and under! After Sarah left, I kept working - getting new playdough for the rooms (the old stuff was awful!), doing a couple bulletin boards, and so on an so forth. I am exhausted and can't wait to sit in the hot tub!

We celebrated Labor Day yesterday with the family. Went to Lyons to Al's brother's home. They live in this beautiful Victorian!

Such ornate woodwork! They don't make them like that anymore!

This is Reuben and Brenda. We are so grateful for the Lord's work in Reuben's life. He almost died a few weeks ago when he fell out of a hayloft and the elevator toppled on top of him. He was life-watched to Wesley and although he still has some bad days, we are so happy he is alive and doing so well.

We relaxed by the pool

and some of us went in the pool too.

Reuben grilled burgers.

Every one brought potluck. Why is it called pot "luck"? We aren't always so lucky. We Grabers sometimes bring the same food - like the time we all ended up bringing green bean casserole. Yesterday we all brought chocolate brownies or pies. So funny!

The flies were atrocious!! But the food was still good. We just had to keep waving the flies away.

After eating, we played a game where we tossed water balloons and our team member had to catch them in a bucket.

Amazingly, Hannah's water balloons didn't pop!

Sophia wanted to try too. It was so fun!

Tomorrow is back to laboring. No rest for this weary soul for a few days anyway.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Glad I could help this morning...I hope I did help you and not just get in the way...Perhaps, next year, I'll "know" more what's going on in the nursery. Sorry I couldn't help longer. Marc had plans this afternoon, and I needed to be home with Luke for his nap. Anyways, that is one cool old house in Lyons.

Anonymous said...