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Friday, January 28, 2011

Recipe dividers

I've been in a cleaning mode lately. Yesterday I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets; putting things I don't use in a "donate" box and wiping down all the drawers and shelves. I had some "tupperware" without lids or lids without bottoms. Toss.

Today I decided to clean out my recipe box. (Al says "Seems like you are nesting. Are you sure you aren't pregnant?" Ha! That would be a miracle for this old grandma!)

This recipe box is one I purchased back in the '70's. It was tight on the budget (we were in college) but it has been worth it! I really like it. It holds 3x5 recipe cards. Seems like most recipe boxes today hold 4x6 cards. We didn't have those back then I don't think.

Just like we only used to get photo prints in 3x5's but now they come in 4x6. We've gotten bigger - in girth also!

I have some precious recipes in this box; like this one from Al's mother.

When she passed away, we copied all her recipes so all of us girls could have them.

My recipe dividers were awful and needed to be replaced so badly!! Most of them had lost their green protective label covers. I thought about purchasing some new ones, but decided I could make them with my Printmaster program. That way I could categorize them just like I wanted.

I printed off the food categories and also copied some clipart onto each card. It was so fun to design! You could also use cute printed cardstock paper.

I laminated the cards...

...and cut them.

The box is just a little full! What I need to do is go through it and if I haven't used the recipe in the last year or two, I need to toss them.
What can I clean next?


tami said...

i'm sure i can find something around here for you to clean or organize ;-)

Amy said...

Very cute! Isn't organizing fun? :)

More than just okay said...

I've been doing the same thing. Even for a 6 day week, last week's trash bin was FULL.

And this week's paper recycling will take both tubs. Where does it all come from?

My next tackle is Ben's homeschool stuff. With a college transcript started, we don't need it anymore.

I like that you made your own dividers. Fits what you need.

Happy cleaning. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Utecht Family said...

You can definitely clean my house! Or watch the kiddos so I can clean. I'd take either. ;)

Momma H said...

Must be the spring weather. I cleaned the master bedroom today - sheets, dusting, a little organizing. Should go back up there and tackle the passed over stuff! How is it that some things just don't seem to appear on my organizational radar? Weird.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

This brings back memories. Before we left CA I knew I had to clean out my recipe box - one from Sr. Foods class in high school! Good job done, but I didn't create such cute dividers!

It must be the weather 'cuz I keep looking at my office closet and picture it cleaned out - perhaps next week??

SarahT said...

I love your organizing tips and your beautiful recipe box!

Anonymous said...

what to clean next: i always find treasures behind and under the washing machine and dryer. perhaps i shouldn't store so much stuff on top of them? nah, all horizontal surfaces should be full of stuff. take that, flylady :) ~elaine