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Friday, February 18, 2011

Adventures in Kansas, February; Part 3

Our short trip to Lawrence ended and it was time to go back home.

We took Highway 59 south out of Lawrence. Back in college days, when we used to go back to Lawrence after visiting family in Pretty Prairie, we would drive up 59 from Ottawa. We remembered it as a windy 2-lane with that spectacular view of "the hill" going into town. Now this road is in process of becoming a 4-lane highway between Ottawa and Lawrence.

As we got into Ottawa, we took another "off" road instead of the faster 4-lane highway to Emporia. We are aventuring, afterall! So we took a road we had not ever traveled on before. Highway 268 west. We would pick up highway 56 at Osage City.

There were signs saying this was also considered the Old Santa Fe Trail road. Not necessarily a road for those who get car sick. Hilly, twisty.
Very unusual names of roads along the way these 2 days of travel; Mormon Road, Jack Rabbit, North Pole Road, Chicken Creek, Gray Wolf, Robbers Roost. It was fun to wonder how they came up with those names.

Al kept commenting on animal tracks in the fields.

We may have encountered Indians.
We intersected Council Grove once again, but coming from the east this time, rather than from the south.

We kept going west on 56. Never been this way before.

We had to go to Hope. Two of the girs in our young married's group have connections here. Laura J. grew up here and her mom still does.
And Heather O. teaches at this school in Hope.

When we got to Highway 15, the rest of the way home was on road we had traveled before. Kansas is just beautiful!

As I was thinking about this road trip, it reminded me that we are traveling another kind of road. Our journey with Christ. Sometimes the journey can seem long. Sometimes it is breathtaking! There are uphills and downhills. Sometimes we can get lost along the way. Often we need Hope. The car needs refueling, just like we also need to be fueled up spiritually. It is good to have a map and we have that - the Bible that will guide and direct us in the way we should go. It is good to learn from others who have gone before us, like those pioneers. We can read about those faithful ones (and unfaithful ones) in the Word, but we can also read or learn from missionaries and other believers who can be such an encouragement to us. And just like those pioneers who would stop at the Last Chance store, there is a time for all of us to make the decision that will have an eternal impact. "For it is appointed to men to die once, and after this the judgment." Are we prepared for the journey?


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Lovely trip! Thanks!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This is so cool!! I'm glad you shared it.

Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a great picture of the red-tailed hawk! I wish I could have a huge print of it!