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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Minute to Win it night

We have been slowly working on finishing our basement. Al took off a couple of days to work on tiling the shower. Al does NOT like cold so I was so impressed that even the snow did not keep him from work!
We finished the tiling of the shower.

Next on the agenda is the flooring.
The kitchen is nearly finished.

We got a Tassimo that will serve Starbucks brand coffee - lattes and cappucinos. Mmmmm!

So, although the basement isn't complete, we decided to host our first party down there anyway.

Our Community Life group meets weekly - 1st & 3rd Monday nights we have Bible study, the 2nd Monday night is a game night and the 4th is an off night. Last night was game night and we decided to play the game Minute To Win It.

Before each game, we would watch an excerpt from the show on how the game is played. You have 60 seconds to finish the task. You get 3 chances to do this.

The first game we played was Ready Spaghetti.

How does Christina do this in high heels???

You needed to slide a spaghetti noodle through the tab of a pop can. Your partner would catch it in their mouth on the other side.

Then you have to move the can to the other side of the table....

...and hope the spaghetti noodle doesn't break.
The object is to stack the pop cans in less than a minute. Truly not as easy as it sounds. Al and I got a zero on this game. The spaghetti strand kept breaking. And just at the last minute we were stacking it, as Al unthreaded the noodle, the stack fell.
Our next game was Junk in the Trunk.

8 ping pong balls are put in a kleenex box. You have to jump around and in less than a minute and try to release all the balls. (you might enjoy watching the video at the end of this post)

Al was impressive! He did the best, getting all the ping pong balls out of the box in 15 seconds! YAY!

Stick To It - Bounce a ping pong ball on the floor to your partner...

...who attempts to catch it on the lint roller. Object, to catch 3 balls in 1 minute.

Face The Cookie -

That's how it is done!

Don't know the name of this game. We had to string 4 penne noodles on a spaghetti strand...

...and transfer them onto your partner's spaghetti.

Be careful or you might poke them in the face!

The winners! Our engaged couple! Way to go!!

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Your rooms are beautiful! Very impressive that you did all the workyourselves! Games look very fun - albeit HARD! Great fun!
And yes, how DID Christina do that in heels????