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Friday, March 4, 2011


This past week the weather was just so very nice! So the girls and I worked outside; picking up dead leaves, doing some sweeping, cutting back some dead branches and such.

Then time for some fun - like sidewalk chalk

and swinging!

Today was a more chilly day. Al had the day off and we had several honey-do things on the list. First he went to help Adam plant a tree. Stonecreek had trees on sale for $26! So they bought a flowering crab to replace the poor corkscrew willow that didn't make it. While he was doing that, I began to stain the door to the baby room (which will one day be the exercize room once all the grandkids outgrow the crib).

Do you like my pants? Several years old. I used to wear them when my friend and I had a wallpaper business. So much wallpaper paste on them, the stiffness can't be washed out. I use my pants as a rag. Quite handy.

When Al got back from Jill and Adam's, the next "to-do" thing was to clean out the nest some sparrows had made in our entryway light.

Mommy and Daddy sparrow looked on and were not at all happy.

We placed a "snake" in the light to keep them away.

I love birds, but Al has a love-hate relationship with them. He enjoys watching them, like I do, but they sure can be a mess. Last spring they set up camp in the basement fireplace flue. So Al had to take it all apart to clean it out, then put a screen around it to keep them out.

After a lunch of soup to warm up our cold bones from being outdoors, and a nice nap (a must for those of us hitting our senior years) we got onto the next project - the stone on the downstairs fireplace.

The girls popped in to see what we were doing.

We ran out of time and the project will continue tomorrow. I wonder what else I can put on my "honey-do" list to keep Al busy??


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Wow! How productive you've been! Good projects, but don't they take time - more time than we usually think. I can hardly wait to get outside to begin working. Still too chilly for me, though!

Enjoy the fruit of your labors!

More than just okay said...

I cleaned out our flower beds just to be outside when it was nice. I am really looking forward to spring this year. Can't wait to actually plant a few things.

The tree looks great. I'm anxious to see how the ones we planted last fall made it through the winter. We got a terrific deal on them. Free - if we'd pay his planting fee. $150 apiece for huge trees planted for us. Even if we lose one, it will still be a great deal.