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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Samaritan's Purse for Japan

Angie Schmidt, a really wonderful lady from our church, was having a bake sale downtown Newton. She said "The boys have been praying for the people of Japan. Their hearts and minds are trying to comprehend not having shelter, food & basic necessities." So they were having this sale to raise money for Samaritian's Purse. They were selling cookies, brownies and lemonade.

Unfortunately, they had TSUNAMI winds downtown so things were blowing all over the place! They were braving it out though!

Angie: "Ben drew my profile picture (for Facebook) last night. It is hard to read but he came up with things by himself. Around the outer edge are human needs (food, clothing, shelter) but in the middle he wrote the people in Japan needed "love", "hope", and "God." WOW! So profound for a 7 year old...It still blows me away."

Cookies that depict the flag of Japan.

If you missed this sale, it isn't too late! Contact Angie and she will bake you some cookies for a donation!!

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