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Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love spring flowers!

These bleeding hearts sprung up volunteer!

It seemed like this year the nurseries were later in putting out their selections. I was so happy to see them finally put out their beautiful flowers. I may have gone over budget purchasing flowers this spring.

My hostas have really been growing fast - overnight almost!

The spirea just began blooming this week.

We have not had rain for so long. The clouds teased us today - there was a little sprinkle.

They say it might rain tonight.

Hannah was so excited to help me with planting. I gave her a few flowers of her own to plant. She did it all by herself.

"This is the best day ever!"

Sophie wasn't so much "into" flowers. She was too cold. (This has been a chilly spring)

This little monkey enjoyed playing inside instead.


More than just okay said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. A volunteer bleeding heart - no fair! I LOVE the pink calla lily.

I get to go the the nursery tomorrow afternoon. I can hardly wait to get something in my pots. I tried seeds, but I have a couple of "gardeners" who made that a vain effort this spring. :-D

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Is that REALLY a bouginvilla??? So very Californian! WHERE are you putting it? Couldn't imagine it growing here! Love the calla lily. We had several very large white ones alongside our garage in CA, as well as that same lovely pink color! They starting blooming in February. So elegant!