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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When my parents came to America to retire, they moved into Kidron Bethel Retirement Village. There are other missionaries from Japan there also.

Every year, Kidron has a big pig roast fundraiser.
And it has become a tradition for us to go.

They have a petting zoo...

bouncy house.....

and a fun train that runs around the complex.

We always meet friends there.

This year they added a horse race.

Lining up for the delicious meal!

At the end of the meal, don't you sometimes wonder if you might have a little bit of food stuck in your teeth?

The Utechts do this so they don't draw attention. They will ask, "How is your grandmother?" If there is no food stuck in your teeth, you answer "She is just fine!"

If there is food on the right side of your mouth, you would say, "Oh, she has this pain in her right side."

After filling up on lots of food, we went to play some more games and get tatoos.

Tuckered out. The girls needed onbu's (piggyback rides)

We'll be back next year!

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