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Friday, June 10, 2011

The new firestation

This is a Japanese word for ease of mind or a sense of security.

There is a new firestation that was just built. And it is about 1/2 mile from my house. It gives me anshin to have a firestation so close to my house. I have started 3 kitchen fires. I was able to get them stopped, but I did have to call 911 one of those times. "Please don't turn on your siren when you come. This is just embarrassing.!" "Sorry ma'am, we have to. It's the law."

The new firestation had an open house yesterday so I took Hannah and Sophia to see it.

They had so much fun climbing all the trucks!

An old fire engine from 1926

The bed rooms are on the main floor.
No sliding down any poles when the alarm sounds!
Hannah was wanting to do that. Disappointment.

Where the firemen lounge when not busy.

This was pretty cool. The girls drew on the board in one room...

and it showed up on the board in the conference room!

We could see the roof of our house from the firestation.

Again, anshin!

After a fun time at the firestation, we went to Sonic.

And got a Cherry Limeade for Papa, who was all sweaty working in the basement and one for Aunt Millie too. They were both very grateful!

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Marc & I were so disappointed today when we found out that we missed the open house. We'd been waiting on it so we could take Luke. We didn't know when it was....oh well :) We might just have to stop by there sometime.