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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I saw advertized in the paper that the Dyck Arboretum was going to have a "Tuesdays on the Prairie" class for children grades 1-4 so I enrolled Hannah. Yesterday in the "Kansan", our local paper, there was an article about that.

The children were given an assignment. First they were divided into a boys' group and a girls' group.

They had to find a flower in every color of the rainbow.

And find a flower that had more than 10 petals.

And one that had less petals than 6.

And find a flower that sounds good to eat, but don't! (we found a flower called tomato soup!)

The Best Red-Flowered Coneflower Ever!

They were supposed to write down answers, but half
the kids didn't really know how to spell much, having just
completed kindergarten.

The teacher said they could just make a check-mark if they found the flowers.

After the scavenger hunt, they went inside to make some flowers.

A perfect flower garden!


meg duerksen said...

that is great!
i signed annie up because her friend simon was in it.
i had no idea what they did there! she nevers tells me much but said it's fun.
thanks for telling me!!!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

What a great experience! Remind me of this next year!