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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kansas Adventures, July; Part 2

We left the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve and headed south to Cottonwood Falls.
We passed this burned up tractor. A fire had got out of control. Things are so dry now.

Perhaps lightning started the fire. Or a passerby tossed out a cigarette?

Lunch time!

We split an Emma Burger (angus, cheese, grilled onions and honey mustard) and sweet potato fries......and home-made pecan pie! De-lish!
We had never gone inside this court house so we took the opportunity.

How grand!

If court is in session, we did see that there are back staircases too.

Oh my.

Leaving Cottonwood Falls, we began our Geo-caching game. Geo-caching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS coordinates.

You can register for a free basic membership at We followed our GPS to this spot.

Our hint was: rock. And the size of the container that our "find" was in was sandwich size.

Al found 3 rocks covering this hole.

Found it!

Inside the geocache are small gifts. You take one gift out (I took the blue beads) and leave something behind of equal or greater value. Some of the other gifts were a McDonald's toy and a bouncy ball. Nothing extravagent. I left behind a set of verses. (for those of you in my older women's Bible study - they are the "worry" set)

There is a pencil and log book that you need to write down your name and about your experience.

There are geocaches all around the world. Try it!

It was about 106 by this time so we were glad we had brought a cooler with lots of drinks!

Since we were driving home on 1st street, we decided to make a stop at the cemetary to visit sweet baby Cora. What a precious baby now in the arms of our Lord. We don't always understand His ways.


When we got home, we took our 2nd shower of the day and took a nap. In the evening we drove to Prairie Pines. We listened to Parry Karp (the sonata for cello and piano) and the Pro Arte String Quartet.

The string quartet was to do the whole evening, however one of the violin players was injured. So the cello player's parents (probably in their 80's) performed with their son for the 1st half. Excellent!!!! Both had studied at Julliard and were just amazing! For the 2nd half, Gregory Lee from the U of Oklahoma came last minute to come perform in the violinist's place with the quartet. He learned the piece in one day. How accomplished!

Yes, it was about 100 degrees and we chose garden seating. Silly us, huh? But there was a nice breeze and we had ice drinks. The sun was setting so it wasn't so bad. The cicadas were our background music. It was a delightful evening!

And when we got home, it meant taking a bath. 3 in one day. Just that kind of hot day! But a fun July trip day!


The Sieberts said...

the geotracking is such a fun idea! never knew about it!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

FABULOUS! So glad to hear of our geo-caching experience.

Diana said...

The geo-caching sounds like lots of fun! Thank you for explaining it so we can understand.

And thanks for posting the food photos. Arg. It's 1am and now I'm hungry. LOL!