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Sunday, September 25, 2011

56 spanks

Papa's birthday was this past Thursday, but we celebrated today. The girls gave him 56 spanks! (notice the Packer's game in the background! We had to watch during the celebration!) I fixed Al his favorite meal - roast and mashed potatoes and the works.
We like to have birthday "pies". Al LOVES tollhouse pies (as well as pecan and apple).
Al loves outer space and science stuff so this was a wonderful gift from the kids! Written by a Christian astronaut who has gone around the globe more than any other astronaut in the States. He took fabulous pictures of the earth.
My mom comes up with the funniest gag gifts!She thought Al needed a cane. Look at the foot of this cane!

The last gift was a little heavy for me to take in the house to wrap so he had to open the trunk to get it.
Happy 56 years, Al! I can't wait to grow old(er) with you!!!

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Luke might have to come over sometime and see his last gift (the one that was too heavy to carry in the house)....he'd probably have a hayday with Allen :)