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Sunday, January 29, 2012

"What's for dinner, Ma?" Kansas restaurants - January

Today is Kansas Day. It is Kansas' 151st birthday.
Happy Birthday, Kansas!!
Last year we decided to take a trip each month to someplace in Kansas that we had never been to before. What a great time we had traveling this beautiful state! We will probably go and see more things that we missed. 12 months was not enough to see it all!
This year what we intend to do monthly is to visit a restaurant we have never been to before. We are creatures of habit and tend to go to the same ones we know we really like! The young marrieds introduced us to Cheddars. They had told us how good it was and inexpensive too. One day while shopping in Wichita, we decided to try out that restaurant but couldn't recall the name. We knew the approximate location and came upon Chester's. Thinking that was the spot, we went in. Well, the price tag on the food is quite substantially different!! Since then, we have gone often to Cheddars and LOVE it!

We contacted some dear old friends; not that they are old - they are our age - but we go way back.

Allen met Dave and Becky at Hutch Juco. We became friends. We went to their wedding - they didn't come to ours though. But I guess we can excuse them because they got married the day before we did and they were on their honeymoon. We both moved to Stauffer Place, the newly married apartments at KU and hung around together those 2 years there.

They moved to Wichita and we followed the following year when Al was doing his residency at Wesley. We both had boys, 4 1/2 months apart.

And girls are just a few weeks apart. We used to get together often!
Then they moved to Derby and we moved to Newton. Not so far apart in distance, but we both got involved in our churches and children's activities. We always kept in touch through Christmas letters and going to our kids' weddings.
Allen and I decided we would invite them to our very first restaurant adventure. We had them pick out the restaurant that we have never been to.

We ordered the Baby Back Combo with seasoned fries and sweet and smoky beans. Oh my goodness!!!
So delicious!! (if you know I am highly allergic to brocolli, you will realize this is not my plate; it was Dave's. Al and I almost always split our dinner and I forgot to get a photo before we did that.)
We spent 5 hours non-stop talking and catching up. We just picked up where we left off years ago. What a delightful evening with dear friends! And very good food - HIGHLY recommend the restaurant! Located on Rock in Derby if you want to know.
Al had fully intended to pick up the tab for us both, but Dave insisted.

We will be looking for another couple to take out in the months to come (you want to pick up the tab too??? Ha ha!!) and other restaurants to try out for the first time!

Kansas restaurants rock!!


Nicole said...

I didn't know there was a Rib Crib in Kansas! I grew up eating there in my hometown in Oklahoma. It is definitely good food! We also had it catered for our rehearsal dinner when Jeremy and I got married.

Nicole said...

I didn't know there was a Rib Crib in Kansas! I grew up eating there in my hometown in Oklahoma. It is definitely good food! We also had it catered for our rehearsal dinner when Jeremy and I got married.

Anonymous said...

We'll go exploring with you some time! Beth T.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

We'll go with you sometime!!!!! (we'll need a night out after the baby is born & I'm somewhat recovered)....

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Great idea! I think the that after spending time with you kids/grandkids, the next best thing is time with "old" friends. That was one thing that made our trip to Lake Tahoe so special last summer. Reconnecting! Lots of conversation, laughter, no name it! Love it!

As for Chester's ... it's one of our favorite places. And yes, it's pricey but the the quality of food and service is best in Wichita, at least that we've discovered. It's the kind of place that you can't go to often due to $$$, but when you do, wow, love it! We'd love to join you sometime, too! Ever been to Bonefish Grill? Went there once last summer on a gift card. Really yummy. Rich isn't a fish lover and he totally enjoyed it!

Laura Hill said...

We live right down the road from the Rib Crib. For an even better deal come on a Tuesday night. They have all you can eat ribs and sides from
4 p.m. to close. Ron loves them!!! I love the pulled pork; it is my favorite. Its super busy but worth the wait!!!!!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Really close to home, have you eaten at Fox Ridge restaurant? I treated Alan on his birthday. Our server was a really good sport. She put up with Alan's teasing and was very quick. The food and service was exceptional.