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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kansas Restaurant, February

Each month this year we are going to a restaurant we've never tried before. We had never been here before and I had a coupon, so this was our February choice.

It ended up being one of those places that has a bucket of peanuts on your table and where you just throw the shells on the floor. Kind of a red-neck kind of place.

We usually share a meal, but we decided to each order something and we would take 1/2 of it home for another meal. We had to try a taste of eachother's food too. I ordered sweet potato, onion fries and filet mignon.
Al ordered a steak (he said it was so juicy and tender!), some sweet potato fries (I was not too fond of the cinnamon flavor on it) and rice pilaf. It came with some pretty yummy warm rolls with whipped butter. The server was really on top of it; always helpful.

When it was time for the check, we gave her our coupon.

Ooops. We went to the wrong steak house. Logan's, not Longhorn. The waitress told us Longhorn's was just down the street so we drove by it and decided that it will need to be our March restaurant. The coupon expires March 4 so we will have to go the first weekend. If anyone wants to go with us, let us know!

The night was young so we decided to go to the movies. I told Al, "Let's see if they give senior discounts." We had been told that the theatre in Newton recognizes you as a senior at age 55! Maybe the Warren does too. We were prepared to show our ID to prove our age. Well, they did give us a discount, without any hesitation. And did not ask at all for proof of age.
Do we really look like seniors???


The Sieberts said...

you guys are YOUNG! :o)

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

I'm laughing - very funny!!!

Utecht Family said...

Well, you DID go to the wrong restaurant. (And if I'm right, that's not the first time that's happened.) ;)

But seriously you don't actually look that old!

Laura Hill said...

Ron and I love Logans. Our favorite sides are the mushroom and veggie skewers!!!There are coupons in the Sunday paper about every month for Logans,sometimes there are even buy 1 get 1.

To me, you are only as old as you think you are!!! No matter what people say!!!!