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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This week for our Japanese lessons, we talked about Valentines Day.

They copied the kanji, or character for "love", which is "ai" (pronounced ah-ee). I told them about Valentine's Day in Japan. In America, men give gifts such as chocolate or flowers to the woman he loves…and often he takes her to a restaurant for dinner. I know I enjoy that from my husband!
But in Japan Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently. There women give chocolate to men on Valentines Day. And not only to the men they love. They will make home-made chocolate or cookies for their husband or boyfriend. And then they will buy boxes of chocolate for their boss at work (provided their boss is male), male co-workers, brother-in-law, etc. (their father and brothers may get hand-made chocolate or store bought).

But don't feel left out women, because one month later on March 14, is the Japanese original holiday called “White Day“. On White Day, men must give chocolate or cookies to every woman who gave them a Valentines Day gift in February.

Korea and Taiwan also celebrate White Day. (March 14 is a special day in our family - it is Hannah's birthday!)

Did you know that in China the modern day Valentine's Day has been popular among young people in big cities for about 5 years (they have another day they consider their own Valentine's Day but it is called something different and it comes from folk-lore. You can google it). Usually, men give roses to women but the number of roses carries different meanings.

In India, Valentine's Day hasn't been generally accepted yet. Parents expect their sons and daughters to study instead of having dates. Apparently there are some groups that attack people who celebrate the holiday! But it is spreading among the young people little by little. Men send flowers to women.

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Here is a project I made before for the children at church and I got it out for the girls.

You take an old Valentine's chocolate box...(or if you don't have a box, you could buy yourself some chocolate and treat yourself, then use the box for this purpose!)

and on the inside paste a picture of Christ and a child(ren).
Then you can sing this song (to the tune "Skip to my Lou")

I have a Valentine just for you,
I have a Valentine just for you,
I have a Valentine just for you,
I'll give you my heart Lord Jesus.
(or Hannah used the words "come into my heart, Lord Jesus" which works too!)

I sang it to them in Japanese too. And taught them to say "I love you" "Aishiteruyo!"

I found this book this year. It is just adorable! A twist on the story of the Good Samaritan.

"Love one another deeply, from the heart." 1 Peter 1:22

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