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Sunday, February 26, 2012


The girls are in ballet this year.

And they were having pictures taken at the studio.

The girls were to wear make-up so they wouldn't look washed out in the photos. They felt like little princesses!

They had to be careful how they would sit in the car so they wouldn't mash up their tutus.

At the dance studio.

Excited little girls! It will be fun to watch what all they have learned this year at their program in May!


Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Well, now, aren't they just the cutest!!!

The Sieberts said...

so precious!

Melissa Jensen said...

O. My. Goodness!! Adorable!! I remember my ballet photos with my sister. Now Landrey is using my old ballet tutu as dress up clothes:)
I thought Hannah looks like a mini Jill:) I did not know Jill was pregnant? When I saw statues on her having another baby I just thought it was on them adopting a precious one. Are they still going to adopt?

The Veers said...

so precious and beautiful!!! i can't wait!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

So cute. I think April would love dance. Alana plays soccer, her third year already. Amy enjoyed ballet and was in high school when she quit. They learn lots of poise, and look and feel like princesses, just like you said...