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Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick trip

I have had one BUSY week! It began last Tuesday with a quick trip down to Arkansas.
Josh and Staci needed some help with their children. Staci's mother was very ill and she usually takes care of them Tuesday evening while they have community group and also all day Wednesday. It was fun to see the children and play with them.

The weather was nice and the first thing I noticed was everything was in bloom! A week later now I have noticed that things are starting to bloom here in Kansas also.
Josh had drawn "streets" on their driveway. There were also bridges with a river flowing underneath it, and a car wash/gas station too.

We read books, painted pictures in their art room and cars and princesses. Thursday morning I headed back to Kansas. Ran into a slushy snow just past Joplin. But sunny by the time I got home in time to babysit the Kansas grandkids!

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Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Since we're currently down in TN, we're too noticing how much more was/is in bloom heading south....