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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A trip to visit Mindy

We planned a vacation to go see our daughter, Mindy, in Alabama. We were going to drive through Little Rock, but when we were getting to Tulsa, we decided we were so close to the grandkids that we just had to make a detour! We called Josh and he said he would meet us in Springdale for lunch.
What a joy to have an unexpected lunch with them!! Staci was working (she works 2 days a week) so we missed her. After lunch we took a scenic drive out of Springdale on 412, then south at Huntsville and on 21.

The road followed a creek (some pronounce it "crik" and other "creeeek").

I guess there really is "ozone"!

I don't quite understand this culture of refrigerators, sofas and trash in the front lawn.
Just a beautiful drive!

I have heard that you should NEVER wear socks with sandals. Who says? My feet were cold and I like to wear my Birks in the car for comfort. Who makes up these "rules" anyway? Al says if he wants to wear his polo shirts with checkered shorts and white knee highs with velcro tennies, why can't he? (ha ha) I don't know who the fashion moguls are anyway who determine what people can and can't wear.
There were lots of semis on Interstate 40. I wish we could have grabbed my camera when there was a Walmart and Tyson semi side by side. But the camera was somewhere in the back seat, I was driving and Al couldn't locate it in time. But we knew we were in Arkansas!
Fourteen hours later, we were with Mindy!!! And in time to watch the KU game!

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Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

Bet those kids were glad to see YOU!! Looks like it was a lovely drive. Glad you are back safely!